MenaQ7 expands Brazil presence with new partner


NattoPharma signs agreement with outstanding Brazilian brand Nutriangels

MenaQ7 expands Brazil presence with new partner

NattoPharma is excited to announce a new partnership with Nutriangels, a pioneering nutraceutical brand with highly innovative products that include chelated minerals, further expanding the presence of MenaQ7 vitamin K2 as MK-7 in Brazil.


“Brazil is a burgeoning market where NattoPharma already enjoys an established presence. Nutriangels is one of the new pioneering supplement brands serving Brazil and we are thrilled to see this new customer expand our MenaQ7 offering with consumer-targeted, science-based products,” says Eric Anderson, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing with NattoPharma.

Nutriangels launched K2 + featuring MenaQ7 in Q2 2017 and has already been well received.

Because of NattoPharma’s extensive clinical substantiation and awarded patents, K2 + is positioned to support both bone and cardiovascular health.

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“This milestone marks a welcome increase in awareness of the importance of vitamin K2 for human health, and the global recognition that MenaQ7 is the clinically validated branded vitamin K2 as MK-7 of choice,” adds Anderson.