Mexican lifestyle … bottled!


Sensient’s new range of Mexican flavours provides novel soft drink taste experiences

Sensient Flavors presents a new range of all-natural Mexican flavours for the production of soft drinks. Featuring horchata and tangerine profiles, novel innovative twists have been developed by combining lime and cactus, chili and mango, and strawberry and guava.

Samples that have already been brought to life by the company’s application engineers include tangerine and horchata ice tea versions. In addition, they proactively created chili-mango, strawberry-guava and lime-cactus juice drinks with a juice content of 10%. These are just a few examples; all the flavours can be used to produce an endless variety of non-alcoholic drinks.

Sensient’s experts collaborated closely with their Mexican colleagues to address the growing consumer interest in ethnic specialties that are as authentic as possible. The new range has been heavily influenced by the local specialty, 'Agua Frescas.' These refreshing, everyday drinks, which are available from street vendors and sold in bodegas, restaurants and juice bars, consist of fruit, sugar, water and ice, and are sometimes refined with milk. Each region has its own versions, made using locally available fruit, and became the company’s source of inspiration.

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'We recognise that Mexican cuisine is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. And, for today’s consumers, authenticity is more important than ever before. Hence, we have worked on a flavour range that captures the true characteristics of the Mexican palate and lifestyle and brings it to European consumers,' said Stefano Asti, Technical Director at Sensient Flavors Beverage Europe. 'We are confident that this new range will enable manufacturers to bring outstanding soft drink products to the shelf that satisfy consumer curiosity and tap into the current trend for innovative and unique taste experiences.'