NHF Holdings proposes majority acquisition of Biodelta


Natural Health Farm Holdings will acquire a 51% majority interest in the contract development, manufacturing, and packaging solutions provider, for US$1.6 million

Photo as seen on company website

Photo as seen on company website

Natural Health Farm Holdings is gaining additions to its expert management group following the proposed majority interest acquisition of South Africa-based Biodelta. The company has entered 2019 with an array of acquisitions, and Biodelta is the latest.

The nutraceutical biotech company has signed a term sheet to acquire a 51% majority interest in the contract development, manufacturing, and packaging solutions provider, Biodelta for US$1.6 million. This enables the company to quickly expand its global footprint to Africa.

The closing of the proposed transaction, contemplated by the agreement, is subject to terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, completion of due diligence, execution of definitive agreements between the parties, securing required funding, and preparation of audited and unaudited financial statements.

NHF Holdings expects to release additional information regarding the planned Biodelta acquisition as due diligence proceeds. The acquisition is anticipated to be completed in early May to the beginning of June.

Vernon Tee, President of NHF Holdings, said: “Our growth by acquisition strategy allows us to benefit from a continuously expanding expert management group that provides new capabilities and creates synergies across our whole network of operating companies. Biodelta, our first proposed major acquisition outside of Asia, is no exception to this.”

Tee added: “Biodelta’s diverse group of founders, management team members, and employees will improve every element of our business strategy with their unique knowledge and capabilities in science, manufacturing, marketing, pharmaceutical regulations, and administration."

The new additions

Nel-Marie Swart, co-founder and Pharmaceutical Director, is an expert natural and ethical medicine professional that has formulated and produced over 1,000 pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products for national as well as international brands.

After starting as a Retail Pharmacist in Cape Town, South Africa, she gained extensive experience in the pharma industry, including several specialisations

Leon Giese, co-founder and CEO, is responsible for New Business Development at Biodelta and has over the years developed the company’s customer base to include national brands, national retail chains, and international customers.

Prior to co-founding Biodelta, Mr Giese worked at Cameron McKenna Law Firm (London), Harper Collins (London), and The Time Newspaper (London) in various business analysis roles.

Joey Bruwer, Managing Director, has for the past 8 years overseen the Biodelta management team growing sales by a factor of 10x. Bruwer has had a lifelong passion for business and the development of people through business, assisting many organisations with creating sustainable growth. He has spent his formative years in Hong Kong and China, building teams of people while quadrupling export sales for Alcan, a multinational manufacturing company.

This month NHF also appointed Mr Kevin Cranfield.

Tee said: “We are honoured to have Mr Cranfield join our team as an independent member of the Board of Directors and as Chairman of the NHEL Audit Committee. His trusted reputation and his vast experience in audit, taxation, accounting, and strategic business planning in Australia make him ideal to fill these important corporate governance positions.”

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