New egg replacer ensures supply chain excellence


In response to the recent egg supply chain pressures on the food industry, KRONER-STARKE is delighted to launch its new clean-label egg replacer, REGG-EX, to the European market

This technically advanced and totally natural product allows food processors to simplify bakery formulas and to avoid the use of artificial ingredients whilst maintaining texture and authenticity of the recipe.

KRÖNER-STÄRKE, Europe’s largest producer of organic starch products, has successfully combined its technological and scientific expertise to develop REGG-EX, which provides the baking industry with a reliable, cost-effective alternative to eggs.

Given the recent price hike caused by the Fipronil contamination scare and its subsequent impact on supply chains, REGG-EX is an ideal replacement solution for food processors and bakery specialists.

The company has focused its innovation on creating a multipurpose functional egg replacer, which is 100% clean label and produced entirely naturally from selected quality wheat flours and untreated spring water.

The product is particularly excellent for use in fine bakery wares such as pound cake, muffins and bakery mixes when comparable baking properties can be achieved with 30-40% reduction in egg content. In milk rolls the product even enables a complete replacement of the egg.

KRÖNER-STÄRKE’s product development technician, Maren Wiese, commented: “We have already supplied our egg replacer to a well-known frozen bakery company who was able to achieve an excellent end-product with the desired texture. A further example involved supplying REGG-EX as 100% egg replacement for a European producer of milk bread rolls (such as Brioche) – again with outstanding results.”

Many bakery recipes can be adapted to reduce or replace eggs in a successful way whilst maintaining the binding and relaxing functionality of eggs.

As a dry ingredient, REGG-EX is easy to handle, simple to store and has a naturally long shelf-life. Another advantage of REGG-EX as an egg replacer is that it can help lead to a lower overall cholesterol level in finished goods whilst also making the vegan market accessible to manufacturers.

REGG-EX makes it possible to produce high quality products with no additives whilst responding to consumers’ preferences for simple labelling and understandable terminology. It is simply declared as wheat starch on ingredient labels and is not subject to any GMO declaration.

KRÖNER-STÄRKE has developed different varieties of REGG-EX to fulfil the specific needs of the customer. The usage depends on the end product required and the specific target of the customer. An important variation of REGG-EX is that it is also offered in a totally organic form which adheres to the strictest European standards.

As a committed organic supplier, KRÖNER-STÄRKE takes responsibility for the whole lifecycle of its products, from the sowing and growing of the grain in the fields through to the processing and distribution of the finished product.

Its core business philosophy is to harness the power of nature in order to turn grain into a multifunctional ingredient ideal for making environmentally sound and healthier products without sacrificing quality or revenues.

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