New study shows AP-Bio with echinacea modulates healthy immune function

Published: 22-Jul-2022

AP-Bio ( KalmCold) is a fast-acting, clinically studied extract of Andrographis for immune health

A unique pre-clinical study by Natural Remedies demonstrated the combination of proprietary AP-Bio® (KalmCold®)containing Andrographis paniculata and the popular herb Echinacea purpurea works synergistically to support healthy immune function.

The study used Balb/c mice to investigate the immunostimulatory effect of AP-Bio, Echinacea, and AP-Bio in combination with Echinacea. Dendritic cells are the first line of immune cells for pathogenicity and are majorly involved in antigen presentation; they bind, internalise, and process antigens and then display them on their surface.

The mice were administered different doses of AP-Bio (20, 41, and 82 mg/kg), Echinacea (41 mg/kg), and AP-Bio in combination with Echinacea (41 mg/kg + 41 mg/kg) for seven days to quantify the maturation rate of dendritic cells. After the administration of the herbal ingredients, splenocyte cells were isolated and analysed for the expression of cell surface markers such as CD 11c, CD 40, and CD 86. Mice that ingested AP-Bio with Echinacea showed synergistic benefits by up-regulating CD 11c, CD 40, and CD 86 compared to stand- alone AP-Bio or Echinacea.

Administration of AP-Bio in combination with Echinacea significantly increased the levels of dendritic cell maturation markers. 'Increasing maturation rate will enhance antigen presentation capacity and helps activate other major players of the immune system,' commented Deepak Mundkinajeddu, PhD, Head of R&D.'Previous immunological research has shown that maturation of dendritic cells has a significant role in anti-viral and anti- bacterial pathogenicity,' he added.

Abey Thomas, Head of Marketing, said, 'The results of this pre-clinical suggest that Echinacea can be used effectively at a lower dose when combined with AP-Bio.' Thomas added that three human clinical trials show the positive results of AP-Bio's immune- supporting activity. 

AP-Bio is sustainably sourced, Non-GMO Project verified, USP-compliant, and certified Kosher and Halal.

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