Plandai agrees to supply Phytofare to UK distributor with first purchase order


ProTec has placed its first order for Plandaí's Phytofare Catechin Complex to fill confirmed orders from the UK

Plandaí Biotechnology, producer of the highly bioavailable green tea extract, Phytofare Catechin Complex, has announced that it has entered into an agreement with ProTec Nutra, a leading supplier of high quality ingredients to the European food and nutraceutical industry, to become the official distributor of the company's Phytofare Catechin Complex in the United Kingdom (UK).

ProTec has placed its first order for Plandaí's Phytofare Catechin Complex to fill confirmed orders that ProTec has received from its client base in the UK.

ProTec sources, develops and markets specialty ingredients and bulk products into the functional foods and nutraceuticals markets in Europe with a number of manufacturing partners including Plandaí Biotechnology.

Callum Cottrell-Duffield, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Plandaí, said, 'Having a distributor with an ethos of quality and the customer base that ProTec does, shows our intention to supply our products to companies that specialise in high quality, branded ingredients. This also reaffirms our aim to become the first-choice supplier of highly bioavailable extracts in the marketplace.'

'ProTec has shown a complete understanding of what we're bringing to the market and has managed to translate this into immediate sales in the United Kingdom. I fully expect sales to increase exponentially in the coming months owing to their tireless work to promote only the highest quality ingredients,' he added.

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Gary Parker is the Sales Manager for ProTec Nutra and when commenting on what separates Plandaí's Phytofare from other green tea extracts he said: 'ProTec Nutra is committed to looking for new and innovative nutritional ingredients. A green tea that is 'so different' to the green tea currently dominating the health food industry is a revelation. Phytofare quite simply 'ticks all the boxes.' It's actually 'green,' it's not from China, it's backed by clinical studies and with 10x the bioavailability of a generic green tea, the consumer gets a product that really works and the 'cost per dose' is significantly lower. Beat that!'