Seeing nutrition in a different light


The Blendamix concept of ready prepared and custom powder premixes is built on a well-established amino acid blending service for both food and pharma nutrition product manufacturers, explains Laurent Debast, Manager of Blendamix, a Minafin business unit

Nutrition is a cocktail of different molecules that our bodies need to absorb on a regular basis to maintain optimal equilibrium, increase functionality and extend longevity. The general public has become increasingly aware that their food consumption behaviours often do not provide this ideal ratio and has been looking for solutions.

For many years now, food producers have responded to this growing awareness with the emergence and steady increase in the offer of dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and functionally enhanced foods.

Even more so than regular foods, manufacturers of these enhanced food products make a commitment to the consumer: the cocktail of ingredients claimed to be present should effectively be there, in a precise amount, with the expected quality and be ready to yield the desired results.

Accordingly, manufacturers in this sector need to enforce a high level of control on their operations. Simultaneously, the complexity steadily increases with the drive to bring more elaborate products to market with added functionality claims. Each individual ingredient in a product needs to be durably sourced, qualified, risk analysed, released and then used in a production environment in which it needs to be precisely scaled to ensure the right end contents.

Ensuring quality

For a product composed of multiple ingredients, if any single step — from sourcing to processing an ingredient — does not receive a “green light,” then the entire product line may be jeopardised.

As a result, the burden on the supply chain, quality control and production can quickly become overwhelming. It may come to a point whereby the company may be tempted to slow down innovation to limit the number of products produced to an amount that’s still manageable and/or meets their available capacity.

As innovation is often the way forward, each manufacturer will have to make a choice at this stage. They should either scale-up their operation to absorb the new projects or take a more flexible approach by finding a trusted partner who can assist them.

Given that regulations are tightening and higher quality standards and controls are needed, companies looking to relieve their quality control, secure their supply chain and increase production speed are typical candidates for service providers such as Blendamix. With specialised food markets evolving quickly, securing the supply chain, integrating processes and optimising scale-up possibilities are becoming more and more significant.

Availability of ingredient sourcing and powder mixing services

Owing to the hurdles outlined above, many companies saw the value of sourcing one standardised premix instead of 15–20 individual amino acids. First, Blendamix adds value by broadening the powder mixing service to any powders that are compatible with current food and pharma standards.

Secondly, having recognised that to be an efficient premix provider, Blendamix also needs to be a sourcing expert. It has therefore enhanced this aspect of the business and now offers distribution services for specialised food ingredients.

Custom powder premix solutions for food and pharma manufacturers

Blendamix’s services are ideal for companies that (rapidly) need to make room in their operations by replacing a large supply line of several individual powdered ingredients with a single/custom premix. Customers range from CMOs/CDMOs and existing blending service providers to innovative companies. They include those looking for a service to deal with new projects without impacting their current supply and manufacturing operations.

Trusted project handling

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Blendamix’s services are built on an established industrial asset and a legacy of process know-how. Nevertheless, we recognise that each project is different. So, we take a flexible approach and adapt the methodology when required. Each project will be studied to evaluate how Blendamix can evolve and adapt to match specific customers need. We consult with them at every stage to ensure that their expectations are met.