Stabilising meaty alternatives

Published: 27-Jun-2018

The HydroTOP High Gel 30 stabilises meat-free mixtures, such as vegan patties, facilitating production on already existing manufacturing lines

Demand for alternatives to traditional meat products is rising worldwide, therefore more meat producers are adding plant-based products to their portfolios. For most businesses it can be costly to implement a new product line due to investment in new machinery. To answer this problem, stabilising and texturing specialist Hydrosol presents its new stabilising system, which makes its possible to manufacture burger patties, and many other products, on existing production lines.

Vegan burger patties are formulated with specific ingredients that give the final product a hamburger-like texture. The HydroTOP High Gel 30 from Hydrosol provides a binding platform for these texturising ingredients.

This meat substitute mass can be seasoned to taste and produced on conventional machines like cutters or mixers, and then shaped as desired in normal moulding machines

“The system is based on a tailored hydrocolloid fibre combination of emulsifying and stabilising components,” explains Dr Carsten Carstens, Innovation & Product Manager for meat products at Hydrosol. “First an emulsion is made with HydroTOP High Gel 30, oil and water, that stabilises the texturate. This gives a compact, formable mass comparable to bound ground meat. This meat substitute mass can be seasoned to taste and produced on conventional machines like cutters or mixers, and then shaped as desired in normal moulding machines."

HydroTOP High Gel 30 is suitable for binding most meat-free texturising ingredients on the market. In addition, Hydrosol offers all-in compounds for the simple production of ground meat substitutes.

Dr Carstens comments, “there are significant quality differences among texturates, which have a major effect on the texture of the final products. We have tested many texturates, refined them and taken the raw materials into our portfolio. That means customers can get the whole package of texturate plus binder, or just the binder to use with their own texturate.”

Investments in complex extrusion technology, which can quickly run into the seven figures, is not necessary. Hydrosol’s all-in products contain all the ingredients (textures, binders, flavouring, seasoning and colour) needed for making vegan burger substitutes. The final products feature classic meat flavour and product-specific aroma. The product portfolio includes soy-wheat as well as soy-free texturising ingredients.

These all-in compounds can be used to make a wide range of meatless products, from burger patties, meatballs, köfte and cevapcici substitutes to vegan shish kebab. Meatless nuggets, schnitzel, filet strips and fish sticks and other breaded products are also possible.

The ground product mass is freeze-thaw-stable and can also be used in ready meals. “The final products can be pre-cooked so that before eating they only need to be heated up in the oven,” explains Dr Carstens. “If the burger patties are frozen raw they can go directly into the frying pan. That’s a big advantage, especially for short order restaurants.” The vegan köfte and meatball alternatives are also sterilisation-stable, so they can be canned as ready meals without problems.

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