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List of ingredients

Stepan Company’s Lipid Nutrition business offers food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers the opportunity to add value – and nutritional enhancements – to multiple consumer products.

Certain Stepan-branded specialty nutritional oils and powders are proven to promote and maintain health and well-being and Stepan’s portfolio of branded ingredients are naturally derived, scientifically studied and carefully sourced.

All of Stepan’s raw ingredients suppliers for nutrition products are audited regularly, ensuring consistency and purity.

Stepan’s controlled supply chain and quality control monitoring program certifies that all suppliers meet Stepan’s stringent compliance standards.

EUROPE (and rest of the world):

Stepan Lipid Nutrition

Museumlaan 16

1541 LP, Koog aan de Zaan

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0) 75 727 1000


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