Synergy launches calorie reduction ingredient for baked goods

Published: 8-Mar-2021

This launch follows the company’s range for sugar reduction in biscuits and cookies, launched in 2017

Synergy Flavours has launched an ingredient designed to enable reductions in fat and calories in baked goods including muffins, cakes, cookies, biscuits and morning goods. It uses flavour technology, functionality and mouthfeel to replicate the taste and texture typical of baked goods in reduced calorie recipes, Synergy says.

Mintel data says while 70% of consumers feel that manufacturers have a duty to make unhealthy foods healthier, 84% would also agree that taste is the most important factor for them when choosing a product.

Using this ingredient, Syngergy says, manufacturers can reduce the fat content in baked goods and with minor recipe adjustments, deliver a product with minimal changes in flavour and mouthfeel. In a reduced-fat muffin recipe, the product enabled 37% reduction in fat, 22% reduction in saturated fat, and 14% reduction in kcal, while reportedly delivering comparable sensory qualities that would be expected of a full fat bakery product. A sensory panel made comparisons between the full fat, reduced fat control and recipe with the solution, scoring on indulgence, sweetness, creamy mouthfeel and overall aroma.

Ian Butler, Innovation Director at Synergy Flavours, said: “We are fully committed to improving the dietary health of the nation by using our flavour technology and our taste modulation platform to support reformulation of lower calorie products. This new, innovative technology can help manufacturers in achieving the challenging goal of reducing calories while maintaining the flavour and indulgence that consumers expect.”

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