Taiyo assists Spartan Nutrition with formulation and distribution

Published: 7-Apr-2022

Each product will carry both Informed Ingredient and Informed Sport certifications

Spartan Nutrition has partnered with Taiyo on the formulation, production, certification and distribution of its sports-focused nutritional supplements.

The initial product line-up includes six products, including Spartan Energy, Focus, Hydrate, Immune and Burn, all based on key Taiyo ingredients including raw coffee powder, Suntheanine, Teavigo, SunCran and ElderMune.

Each product will carry both Informed Ingredient and Informed Sport certifications, which ensure each ingredient batch is tested for the presence of contaminants or high-risk materials, and that finished formulations and products sold at retail are also free of contamination and impurities.

“A key benefit to partnering with Taiyo is not needing to worry about sourcing and validating our formulas. Taiyo manufactures the majority of the quality ingredients in the Spartan Nutrition line,” said Joe De Sena, Spartan Nutrition founder and CEO. “Plus, Taiyo’s research-based ingredients deliver measurable functional benefits that Spartans are looking for. Taiyo provides us with the highest quality ingredients and global regulatory support, ensuring our products are compliant and ready for anything.” Taiyo and Spartan are next launching in Japan, and in Europe later this year.

“Taiyo has stepped up to the plate, and is going above and beyond what most other brands will do when it comes to testing and quality assurance,” comments Informed Sport Business Development Manager Paul Klinger. “Ours is a very thorough process that confirms there is little-to-no risk of cross contamination and/or presence of banned substances. For Spartan Nutrition, we are screening the raw materials themselves as well as how those ingredients are handled by conducting manufacturing audits.”

Scott Smith, VP of Taiyo International, said: “Taiyo is committed to the quality and safety of our ingredients and formulas. We also have deep respect for the athletes who will be using Spartan Nutrition products. We will do everything in our power to make sure each Spartan warrior is performing at their top level in a safe manner.”

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