Wakey, wakey!

Published: 27-Oct-2014

Post-lunch beverage wins Energy Drink category in SupplySide West awards

The WakeUp Post-lunch Waker drink from Inno-Bev was named the winner of the SupplySide West CPG Editors’ Choice Awards 2014 in the Energy Drink category.

WakeUp Post-lunch Waker is a patented, clinically tested beverage formulation with no added caffeine, chemicals or other stimulants that can have an impact on heart rate or blood pressure. Manufacturer Inno-Bev says the product is scientifically proven to overcome 'Post-Lunch Dip Syndrome'.

'After we won the ‘Best Functional Drink’ award last year in Europe, we consider the CPG Editors’ Choice Award to be our ‘admission ticket’ to the US beverage market,' said Eli Faraggi, CEO of Inno-Bev.

'Consumer awareness of an inner biological clock, and growing recognition of Post-Lunch Dip Syndrome as part of it, has increased dramatically, especially in fast-paced economies. WakeUp is uniquely positioned to address this rapidly growing tiredness crisis.'

WakeUp Post-lunch Waker is now seeking partnerships with leading retail, Internet and MLM nutritional beverage brands in the US.

'We believe our innovative, scientifically-supported approach will revolutionise the American energy category,' said Faraggi.

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