Whey better proteins take centre stage for Arla Foods Ingredients


In the spotlight for Arla Foods Ingredients at Hi Europe 2016 will be a range of innovative application solutions under the theme of ‘Whey Better Proteins’

Exhibiting on Stand G2, Arla Foods Ingredients will showcase WheyHi, a new RTD beverage ingredient solution developed to make it easy for companies to create nutritious long shelf-life drinks targeting the mainstream sport and breakfast categories.

WheyHi is suited to UHT applications using both direct and indirect heating, with no fouling of the protein. It is ideal for formulating in both water and dairy based drinks, and delivers up to 40% protein in applications such as coffee, tea, fruit smoothies and chocolate beverages.

Arla Foods Ingredients will also introduce a delicious and refreshing iced coffee concept made with Lacprodan DI-7017 whey protein. A high source of protein (>20%), it is a healthy beverage that will benefit not just the muscles but also the brain thanks to its natural caffeine content.

Low in sugar and lactose, the iced coffee also contains Capolac minerals from milk and is a source of calcium (>60mg/100mL).

In addition, Arla Foods Ingredients will highlight its dairy ingredient solutions for the toddler nutrition category. Rich in high quality proteins and minerals from milk, these will enable manufacturers to create delicious and nutritious products that parents will want to buy and toddlers will want to eat. They are perfect for snack bars, squeezable pouches, yoghurts, fruit drinks, milky drinks and toddler formulas.

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HiE takes place in Frankfurt, Germany, from 29 November to 1 December 2016. Visit Stand G2 to find out more about Whey Better Proteins from Arla Foods Ingredients.