Prolanza: The New Age Ashwagandha

Published: 12-Sep-2022

Prolanza is the new-age Ashwagandha root-only extract from Nutriventia providing all-day support for stress management

Consumers today understand the importance of adaptogens, and adaptogenic herbs such as Ashwagandha have become established. The herb’s 2020 sales growth of 185.2% rising to $31.7 million in mainstream channels demonstrates its growth. Ashwagandha is now ranked as the #12 bestselling herb in this category after its debut in 2018 at #34.

The increasing consumer demand for Ashwagandha has become a driving force for innovation and is pushing finished formulators to create products that stand out. Prolanza from Nutriventia can help finished product formulators differentiate themselves and drive innovation in the following ways:

1. Additional value for consumers: The low dose of 300mg affords retail product formulators with the opportunity to combine Prolanza with other synergistic ingredients, thus offering enhanced value to consumers.

2. Consumer compliance: Ashwagandha supplements are generally required to be consumed multiple times daily. Prolanza stands out, as the ingredient’s innovative release pattern enables it to exert its clinical benefits for a prolonged duration with just a single daily dose, improving consumer compliance.

3. Cognitive support: Nutriventia trials have demonstrated Prolanza may improve three domains of cognitive skills – visual memory, new learning, and working and sustained attention, in addition to providing all-day stress management support.

4. Mental well-being support: The Oxford Happiness Questionnaire (OHQ) scores seen in Prolanza during Nutriventia clinical trials suggest significantly better psychological well-being.

5. Prolanza may help increase testosterone in men: The Nutriventia study on 100 volunteers demonstrated that the ingredient decreased serum cortisol levels, which not only points to effective stress management but an increase in testosterone levels as well.

Peer-reviewed published articles:

Human pharmacokinetic study: Prolanza was found to release higher plasma concentrations of total Withanolides than the reference product.

Efficacy study: Consumption of Prolanza over 90 days improved memory and focus, psychological well-being, sleep quality, and reduced stress levels.

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