Quality requires precision

Published: 17-Apr-2018

GEA's CMAG flow meter provides accurate measurement data for sensitive production processes

For use in automated production plants, in the food, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, for example, GEA has developed the magnetic inductive flow meter CMAG.

The easy-to-install version of the proven IZMAG flow meter delivers highly accurate and reliable measurement data, helping GEA's customers to improve dosing and recipe control, minimise risks and optimise resource utilisation.

Its hygienic stainless steel design and the aseptic flange make it suitable for sensitive processes in the production and processing of beverages, liquid foods and milk, but also for liquid pharmaceutical, chemical and agrochemical products, personal care products, process waste and sea water, concentrated salt solutions and aqueous urea solutions.

The small footprint enables more flexible positioning within the plant.

Installation and commissioning do not involve a significant expenditure of time and money. In addition, it is extremely energy efficient, thanks to its low power consumption and can easily be connected via an M12 plug.

High measuring dynamics, vacuum resistance — even at very high temperatures — and an excellent price-performance ratio are further advantages.

As an option, the CMAG is also available with an illuminated display.

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