SKF's food & beverage offering refocuses on food safety

Published: 7-Dec-2018

SKF switches emphasis from food grade to food safe and reliable bearings for the food and beverage processing sector and will explain why and how in a live virtual conference to which all are invited

SKF is rethinking its Food Line ball bearings offering for the food and beverage sector and will be launching a new class of products to meet the industry’s growing hygiene, food safety, reliability and environmental demands.

The global launch, set for 30 January 2019 (07:00-16:00), will take place online.

Registered participants can take advantage of the flexibility of this live virtual conference to decide when to join during the day, choosing from among eight industry targeted presentations, and booking interview slots with any of the expert speakers.

Preventing illness originating from food borne pathogens through strict cleaning regimes is what food processing plants strive for. But how clean is clean, and can bearings pose a risk to food safety?

This is an area where SKF and independent microbiology and leading hygiene experts have reached some startling conclusions.

Guided by industry and independent expert opinion, SKF has subsequently developed a new class of food safe bearings. SKF Food Line ball bearing units are not only hygienically designed, but also deliver outstanding reliability in aggressive wash-down and contaminating environments.

Those joining the online conference will have a unique opportunity to hear about the Food Line ball bearing development programme from members of the SKF engineering team.

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Presentations will cover the technical innovations and development challenges posed by this new class of bearings and how the new units will ultimately help users save costs, reduce downtime and meet their environmental targets.

Participants will also gain a greater insight into food safety risks from several independent, industry leading specialists who will give freely of their expertise on the day, in conference and in private interview, as required.

Find out how bearing units get contaminated during processing and cleaning, leaving way for bacteria to grow and spread.

Find out how the developers raised the bar for bearing unit hygienic design, sealing and reliability in difficult operating environments.

Hear the results from beta test sites and from machinery OEMs who have been pre-testing the new bearings in their equipment.

Learn about how bearings are cleaned in plants around the world, what waste and environmental impacts these practices generate, and see how SKF’s new Food Line ball bearing range can help mitigate undesirable environmental outcomes.

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