Study on patented Urox formula honoured as Nutrition Research Project of 2018

Published: 19-Jul-2018

Published research demonstrated patented herbal composition promotes healthy bladder control

Research published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine on Urox, a patented herbal formula that improves symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence, has been honoured as Nutrition Research Project of 2018 by NutraIngredients-USA.

The award-winning study, Urox containing concentrated extracts of Crataeva nurvala stem bark, Equisetum arvense stem and Lindera aggregata root, in the treatment of symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence: a phase 2, randomised, double-blind placebo controlled trial, demonstrated that Urox produced statistically significant improvements in 2 months.

The award was accepted by study coauthor Dr Alexander Schauss of AIBMR Life Sciences.

“We’re delighted that the judging panel of scientists and other experts singled out our study to honour as cutting-edge research,” said Tracey Seipel, ND.

This study, cofunded by the Australian Federal government and the Seipel Group, assessed the efficacy of Urox, a proprietary combination of phytomedicine extracts, in reducing urinary frequency and lack of bladder control.

The Australian universities involved were the University of Queensland, University of Tasmania and Endeavour College of Natural Health.

In the study, Urox was shown to reduce frequency to normal range, reduce urgency by 60% and decrease night time trips to the bathroom by almost half. It is the only natural product shown in clinical research to be effective for urinary incontinence, as follows:

  • 60% reduction in occasional feelings of urinary urgency
  • 60% reduction in occasional loss of bladder control (stress and urge)
  • noteworthy reduction of nighttime trips to the bathroom
  • 75% of Urox users reduced their occasional pad usage to one or less per day
  • 84% Urox users felt satisfied with Urox
  • no significant adverse effects or known drug interactions.

Fifty million Americans have poor bladder control causing significant reductions in quality of life, confidence and freedom, becoming reclusive and isolated with early nursing care admittance.

Current options include adult diapers and poorly tolerated medications. Urox has potential to deliver natural, life-changing solutions for widespread bladder control issues.

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