Let your senses guide you into the world of Art & Science: Meet with Funtrition & Sofgen during Supply Side West 2023

Published: 19-Sep-2023

Procaps Group's CDMO businesses offer the industry a unique avenue to tackle challenges related to consumer swallowing difficulties and pill aversion

Procaps Group, a leading integrated LatAm healthcare and pharmaceutical services company, specialised in contract manufacturer and product development of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solutions for the healthcare industry, is happy to announce that will be exhibiting at Supply Side West on October 25 and 26, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. Clients and prospect partners are invited to elevate their senses and embark on a journey into the world of Art & Science, through alternative delivery systems for specialised supplements. 

Boasting a proven track record of developing and manufacturing best-selling supplements, backed by formulation prowess, extensive expertise, and versatile capabilities, Procaps Group's CDMO businesses offer the industry a unique avenue to tackle challenges related to consumer swallowing difficulties and pill aversion, as well as the ability to meet the growing consumer desire for personalised solutions. 

Bringing Innovation in the gummy and softgel space 

With more than 20 years of experience, Funtrition by Procaps Group, a leading provider of contract manufacturing and development services in advanced gummy technologies for the global nutraceutical industry. Funtrition empowers brands to propel product innovation and expedite market entry. From initial brainstorming to ultimate product packaging, Funtrition offers comprehensive support to product developers and brand owners. 

Vertically integrated, Funtrition has grown alongside the supplement industry at large to meet the high demand, expanding its gummy production capabilities by adding a new gummy facility in the US. With its variety of gummy technologies including GummyGels (Gelatin Gummies), Pec-G (Pectin Gummies), Agar-G (Agar Gummies), recently introduced to the market GummieX (Mixed matrix) technology, and its brand new launches: Air-G (Aeriated Gummies) and Layer-G (Two-layered Gummies) Funtrition® is able to meets brands’ diverse needs. 

At Funtrition® it is all about the senses, so don´t miss out on its insignia Gummy Tasting Bar, where attendees will be able to experience first-hand more than 10 delicious product developments across different nutritional categories, such as Women Health, Kids Health, Active Lifestyle and finally Specialised Health in our different technologies. 

Sofgen by Procaps Group, a leading softgel CDMO, with expertise in softgel experience, bolstered by the new US Softgel facility, Sofgen excels in delivering high-quality supplement solutions across a diverse array of Softgel delivery formats. Displaying its novel and patented technology Unigel for multi-purpose supplements with stacked benefits, as well as Chewgels, tasty and chewable, Twistgels and of course the consumer preferred Softgels™, Sofgen® offers an exciting array of nutritional formulations across diverse categories for companies to discover. 

A journey through the senses elevated by Art & Science 

Visit stand #5473 and let your senses guide you into the world of Art & Science! Dive into a unique experience where you will be able to see, touch, taste, smell, feel and elevate your senses into exploring and discovering the right formats, technologies, categories and formulations for your brand’s new projects. 

Also meet with their talented team of experts, from areas such as Sales, Marketing, Procurement and Research & Development, to get the chance to learn more about their product development and contract manufacturing services and discuss potential opportunities face to face, while you share a unique coffee experience never seen in the show, brought straight from Colombia.

Get to know them to discuss what they can do for you. 

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