Toolkit system provides optimum protection from undesired micro-organisms

Published: 19-Oct-2020

Freshness is one of the most important quality criteria in meat products

Growth of bacteria such as Listeria or Campylobacter in products can have devastating financial consequences for meat producers.

With the Hydrolon range, Hydrosol provides a modular toolkit of highly effective preservatives, ranging from acetate to sorbate.

The system extends the shelf-life of fresh meat, cold cuts, cooked sausage und cooked cured meats. The products in the Hydrolon range can be used individually or in combinations as needed, and successfully limit pathogen growth.

Their effectiveness has been demonstrated in independent testing by certified laboratories, using mixtures in realistic conditions.

In one of these challenge studies, the protection provided by Hydrolon was tested using a pool of spoilage bacteria including Listeria. The institute came to the conclusion that “adding Hydrolon preservatives significantly extended shelf life and improved product safety.”

In these tests, the total bacteria count in ham products remained clearly under the defined limit values even after 35 days. The shelf-life of raw chicken meat was extended to a total of 19 days at a storage temperature of 4 °C.

In both tests, Hydrolon did considerably better than the reference product (liquid lactate).

The Hydrolon toolkit system lets customers tune the function and dosage to solve specific problems. In addition to normal preservatives, Hydrosol also offers highly effective declaration-friendly products, with which manufacturers can meet the clean and lean label trends.

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