Magnesium for women’s health: multi-faceted benefits supporting all life stages

Published: 9-Jul-2024

Magnesium citrate could assist women in enhancing health and wellbeing through key stages, such as menopause and childbearing, while assisting with PMS and PCOS

Gadot Biochemical Industries, a mineral manufacturing specialist, has created a magnesium citrate ingredient that can support women’s health through all life stages, according to the company.

Research published in 2023 from SPINS found that women are buying products targeting peri-menopause symptoms, while also trying to support the nourishment of their microbiome and their beauty from within. 

Women are proactive in supporting their well-being ... they will continue to welcome new products into their health routine

The report also found a 74% increase in the sales of hair, skin and nail-supporting products, as well as products for PMS and weight loss at a 44% and 32% increase, respectively.

“These data show that women are proactive in supporting their well-being, which means they will continue to welcome new products to their daily health routines,” said Gadot's Global Marketing Manager, Eva Criado.

“Therefore, we wanted to bring a product to the market that could truly benefit women in a number of ways. Magnesium is crucial for more than 300 biochemical reactions, including brain function, muscle and nervous system function, cardiac health and glucose metabolism — so we believe this product could be the solution women are looking for.” 

A mineral with wide-ranging benefits

Supplementing with magnesium can support a range of key wellness areas in women’s health, including:

  • Childbearing: Those who are regularly experiencing periods will tend to prioritise reducing premenstrual symptoms. Supplementing with magnesium is logical to achieve this due to its abilities (especially when combined with vitamin B6) in lowering inflammation and decreasing PMS symptom intensity
  • PCOS: This condition affects up to 13% of women, according to WHO, and is associated with systemic inflammation and insulin resistance. Magnesium alone or with vitamins E and B6 can improve insulin sensitivity and diminish inflammation
  • Pregnancy: Those who are pregnant with low serum magnesium levels are at higher risk of pre-eclampsia and pre-term labour. Magnesium can reduce these conditions by improving blood pressure regulation and reducing inflammation
  • Menopause: Those undergoing the menopause tend to experience unsettling and debilitating symptoms, such as hot flushes, sleep disturbance and mood swings. Recent research has suggested that magnesium supplementation can reduce the duration and intensity of menopause symptoms. Magnesium can also support bone density, which dramatically decreases during this life stage. Women post-menopause are also at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, and since magnesium is known to regulate blood pressure, it is a great supplement for those supporting their heart health.


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Why magnesium citrate?

Magnesium citrate is a highly versatile form of the functional mineral, and can be incorporated into a range of foods and beverages.

It comes in several grades, meaning it can be used in clear beverages, gummies, tablets, capsules, effervescents and dry mixes.

“Multiple studies have shown that magnesium protects women’s health largely through its abilities to lower systemic inflammation and oxidative stress, which are commonly occurring in PMS, PCOS, and menopause,” Criado commented. “Magnesium is an effective nutrient for supporting women's health across different life stages, contributing to improved health and well-being.” 

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