Pharmaidea launches Sobrepin Natura Immuno for comprehensive immune support

Published: 7-Jun-2024

The formulation combines Lactococcus lactis plasma, elderberry extract, selenium, vitamin D and others to enhance immune health

Pharmaidea, a pharma and nutraceutical distribution company and Petrone Group are launching Sobrepin Natura Immuno.

This food supplement is designed to support the immune system with a novel formulation that includes IMMUSE, a Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma ingredient, as well as other essential nutrients and vitamins.

IMMUSE by Kyowa Hakko is designed to target plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs), which are key immune cells located in the gut. This mechanism of action ensures a well-coordinated and comprehensive immune response enhancing both innate and adaptive immunity. 

Key Benefits of Sobrepin Natura Immuno:

  • Enhanced immune support: IMMUSE has been scientifically validated in over 30 publications and more than 15 human clinical trials, demonstrating its efficacy in boosting immune health by activating pDC cells;
  • Respiratory health: The supplement includes elderberry extract, traditionally known for its emollient properties, which supports the normal functionality of the respiratory tract and helps bolster the body’s natural defences;
  • Cell protection and nervous system support: Enriched with selenium, Sobrepin Natura Immuno aids in protecting cells from oxidative stress. Additionally, the inclusion of vitamin D promotes the normal functioning of the immune system, while biotin supports the nervous system and normal psychological functions.

“Pharmaidea chose IMMUSE for its scientifically proven properties and its unique ability to enhance immune function through the activation of pDCs,” said Anna Morfé, Scientific Project Manager at Pharmaidea. “Our market analysis revealed that few formulations offer such a comprehensive and scientifically backed approach to immune support, making Sobrepin Natura Immuno a standout product for both adults and children aged 3 and above."

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