Tosla Nutricosmetics collaboates with Foodpairing AI to optimise VELIOUS Flavour Technology

Published: 19-Jun-2024

The use of AI will enhance the ability of Tosla to create tasty flavour combinations for liquid formulations

Tosla Nutricosmetics, a liquid supplement solutions provider for the beauty and wellness sector, has begun collaborations with Foodpairing AI, a technology company specialising in flavour optimisation.

The partnership will aim to enhance Tosla’s proprietary VELIOUS flavour technology, which can assist nutraceutical formulators in creating novel nutricosmetics.

Enhancing VELIOUS Flavour Technology with AI precision

TOSLA relies on Foodpairing's advanced flavour profiling capabilities to elevate the sensory experience, which use AI to categorise flavours to optimise combinations.

This synergy promises to offer unique and appealing flavour profiles that enhance consumer enjoyment and satisfaction — crucial factors in driving higher repurchase rates and building brand loyalty.
Chief Innovation Officer at TOSLA, Uroš Gotar commented: "In the world of nutricosmetics, flavour is the missing element that has often been overlooked. By leveraging Foodpairing AI’s expertise with our VELIOUS technology, we are addressing a critical aspect of consumer satisfaction: taste. This collaboration is a breakthrough for TOSLA and our clients, as it ensures our products not only deliver on their beauty and wellness promises but also delight the palate. This innovation will significantly boost our clients' retention strategies, as superior taste is crucial in forming lasting consumer habits.”

Why taste matters

Recent insights have highlighted the importance of taste in consumer retention strategies. 

Market analyses suggest that products that deliver a superior sensory experience are more likely to foster repeat purchases. In the context of liquid supplements, taste can be a decisive factor in habit formation and continued product use. 

The combination of Foodpairing AI’s technology allows TOSLA to harness detailed flavour data and consumer insights to develop products that not only meet but exceed taste expectations.

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