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AI platform identifies health compounds in hemp hull

A preclinical study on NCT and NFT published last year showed how these plant bioactives triggered a ‘total body reset’ in mice fed a high-fat diet

Getting the competitive edge in manufacturing

Noel Sheppard, General Manager of Distec, and Paola Hopwood, Strategic Account Manager at Red Lion Controls, discuss how manufacturers can realise...

The new outcome-focused world of manufacturing

Product coding and marking is a small but vital component of all manufacturing operations – an incorrect, or missing code can mean that products ca...

Azelis scales up digital service offerings

The United Kingdom and Indonesia e-Lab roll-outs follow launches in the Americas

Blue Pacific Flavors implements vanilla digital traceability system

The system creates unique identifiers for farmers, transactions, batches and lots, which allows for observation throughout the process

Manufacturing in the new normal

How automation is helping businesses adapt to the challenges of COVID-19

Service in times of bits and bytes

Whoever talks to the service experts at Syntegon Technology, formerly Bosch Packaging Technology, communicates both digitally and globally. The shi...

Laboratory automation: benefits and challenges

Automation has transformed laboratories during the past 40 years. It has allowed laboratories to perform more tests — of a greater variety — with f...

Nutraceutical and supplement companies now have a faster way to bring new products to market

MedicascyAI uses artificial intelligence to predict, in just a few weeks, where ingredients will have significant impact, cutting R&D time by month...

Surviving the new normal in a post-COVID world

The COVID-19 crisis has caused mass disruption for businesses in many sectors, including the food and drink industry. The last few months have been...

Full speed ahead for nutritional supplement product development

With more than 85 years of softgel formulation development and manufacturing under its belt, Catalent has built up a vast Product Library that is a...

Hassle-free food modernisation

Combating shrinking revenues with better technology

Cloud-based laboratory management solutions for increased productivity

Laboratory researchers across the globe are all challenged with similar barriers to productivity. Regardless of the application, location and purpo...

Cybersecurity and physical safety

Robust cybersecurity is essential for safe systems

Monoglyceride-structured emulsions as a probiotic delivery system

A Linkam microscopy stage has been used to analyse a potential carrier for probiotic bacteria in a low saturated fat ice cream formulation. Duncan...