Activ’inside makes multiple launches at Vitafoods

Published: 8-May-2019

Cognitive performance study and high OPC grape extract are some of the updates from the French company

Activ’inside, a creator of difference for the Nutraceutical market, have launched four new products and applications at Vitafoods Europe 2019. Starting with a new crossover clinical study to enhance cognitive performance on students. Also, an organic grape seed extract with a high OPC content, a tasteless & 100% soluble water grape seed extract, and some trendy fast ready-to-use formulas.

Cognitive Performance study

A new proprietary clinical study is now available on the patented ingredient Memophenol. This randomised, double-blind crossover placebo-controlled clinical study was conducted on students in one shot dosage. Cognitive performance was tested under exams conditions through validated cognitive tests.

Compared to a placebo,  a one shot Memophenol supplementation 90 minutes before exams is sufficient to :  

  • Significantly increase attention and working memory for at least one hour 
  • Enhance cognitive performance by 36% 

Activ’Inside will present this new clinical study at the New ingredients Theatre on 8 May (3:40pm session) as well at the New products Zone at Vitafoods.

Organic OPC

Thanks to dedicated sourcing, Activ’Inside produces a grape seed extract guaranteeing high polyphenols & OPC contents (60% Polyphenols and 25% OPC-Porter). Porter is the most accurate method to determinate the OPC content. Made in France, this extract is backed by a pending EFSA claim for its anti-ageing benefits. This ingredient is available on private labelling formulations.

This 100% water soluble & tasteless grape seed extract provides a high amount of flavanol monomers proven by clinical trial for the best bioavailability and antioxidant benefits. This extract is exclusively obtained from champagne grape varieties. 

Ready-to-use Formula

Activ’inside will present trendy and functional formulas like gummies to have a sensorial and enjoyable experience, liquid shots to boost the cognitive performance on students, instant drinks to offer great tasting product and attractive applications and functional chocolates with effect on sleep, mood and memory.

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