Alland & Robert and Sayaji to collaborate on acacia gum production in India

Published: 12-Oct-2018

SDPA, the holding company that owns French leader in natural gums, Alland & Robert, is partnering with India-based company Sayaji Industries to form a joint venture

The main goal of this collaboration is to manufacture locally and supply spray dried acacia gum for the growing Indian market.

Alland & Robert, a company that has been an expert in this field since 1884, will provide technological know-how for the processing of the acacia gum in order to offer the best quality product for this fast-evolving market.

Acacia gum, also known as gum Arabic or E414, is a natural, safe and healthy ingredient used in flavours, beverages, confectionery, dairy, bakery, dietary products, pharma and cosmetics among others.

Acacia gum is today found in thousands of day-to-day products all over the world. In India, acacia gum is also purchased directly by consumers at their local markets to cook traditional meals.

The local business opportunities are large and diverse in this fast-growing economy.

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Anne-Sophie Alland, Head of Strategy and Development at Alland & Robert, says: “The Indian acacia gum market is complex, aiming at both the industry and final consumers. This joint venture is a great opportunity for Alland & Robert to dive into the Indian market with a local partner."

"Sayaji Industries is also a family owned company with the same values of hard work and business agility as Alland & Robert; thus, they are a natural partner for us.”

Sayaji Industries already has a strong foothold and a steady reputation in the Indian food industry with its large corn wet milling business, and is therefore a natural choice of partner for Alland & Robert.

The two companies have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding and they will sign a definitive agreement in 2019.

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