Bioiberica obtains self-determined GRAS status for Collavant n2 native type II collagen

Published: 2-Jul-2024

This will unlock new opportunities for US functional food and beverage market

Bioiberica, a global life science company with more than 45 years’ experience in the research, production and commercialisation of molecules of high biological and therapeutic value, has announced its Collavant n2 native (undenatured) type II collagen (40mg/day) has obtained self-determined GRAS status, allowing brands to harness its joint health benefits to enrich conventional foods and beverages for the US market. The company is set to celebrate the announcement and the opportunities it unlocks for functional food innovation at the IFT First exhibition in Chicago, USA, from 14-17 July.

A unanimous decision

To determine Collavant n2’s suitability for food and beverage applications, an independent panel of scientists conducted a critical and comprehensive evaluation of the ingredient’s pertinent safety data. This panel, which included professors from the University of Illinois and expert toxicologists, was selected and convened by Bioiberica in accordance with the US FDA’s industry guidelines. Following the panel’s critical assessment of all available safety data and clinical evidence, it was unanimously concluded and determined that the use of Collavant n2 as an ingredient in conventional foods is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).

Fortifying functional market trends

This latest accreditation for Collavant n2 comes at a time of unprecedented consumer demand for functional food and beverage solutions – particularly those with a joint health claim.(1) Across the US, more than one in five consumers recognise collagen as beneficial for joint health.(2) With its newly obtained GRAS status and years of scientific evidence demonstrating its targeted joint health benefits, Collavant n2 offers food and beverage brands the ideal avenue to explore functional product innovation across a number of appealing delivery formats - from collagen gummies to ready-to-drink shakes and snack bars, plus a wide variety of other food and beverage applications.

"Obtaining self-determined GRAS status for Collavant n2 is a very exciting milestone, both for us and our North American customers," comments Antonio Vendrell, Marketing & Communication Director at Bioiberica. "For years we’ve seen the positive impact of our ingredient in the nutraceutical and dietary supplement space, with its low daily dose of just 40mg, neutral sensory properties and evidence-backed, immune-mediated mechanism of action. We’re delighted to now offer these benefits to functional food and beverage brands, and work with them to craft exceptional, collagen-enriched products that speak to the modern health and wellness movement, as well as today’s busy lifestyles." 

Visitors to IFT First are invited to booth #2025 in the South Building, where Bioiberica will exhibit its branded ingredients offering in collaboration with its US partner, Lugo Nutrition The team will be on hand to discuss the new possibilities unlocked by Collavant n2’s self-determined GRAS status, as well as presenting further opportunities for new product development with the company’s industry-first hyaluronic acid (HA) matrix ingredients - Mobilee for joint and muscle health and Dermial for skin health.  


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