Bioriginal launches tasteless, odourless OmegaPure fish oil

Published: 29-Sep-2016

Bioriginal will introduce OmegaPure at SupplySide West where attendees will be able to sample the product in a blind taste test at booth PP159

Bioriginal has introduced OmegaPure fish oil – an omega-3 that can be incorporated into foods, beverages and other delivery systems without changing the taste or flavour profile of the product.

'Today, people are increasingly looking to get maximum nutrition from their food,' said Joe Vidal, Bioriginal President. 'We see OmegaPure fish oil being used in a variety of product applications, from condiments and bars to baked goods and beverages, and our initial feedback is that it’s the best marine-based omega on the market.'

In the past, manufacturers were unable to successfully incorporate a marine-based omega into food because of the fishy taste and odour. The innovative processing method used to make OmegaPure solves this issue.

Vidal said the Bioriginal team has helped manufacturers to successfully incorporate OmegaPure into both new and existing formulations.

OmegaPure also offers the advantages of a clean label and vertical integration that allows for monitoring and control every step of the way to ensure product integrity, consistent quality and traceability.

'OmegaPure is fully traceable from boat to bottle,' Vidal said. 'It comes to us from our own fishery – one that that has a rich history dating back more than a century.'

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