dsm-firmenich announces its lineup for Vitafoods Europe 2024

Published: 20-Mar-2024

The company will debut its gut health, omega-3 and vitamin D supplements

dsm-firmenich, a global company specialising in health, nutrition and beauty, is gearing up for Vitafoods Europe 2024, where it will showcase how its end-to-end capabilities and solutions can benefit health & nutrition. 

On booth D90, experts will highlight a brand-new product for the Health from the Gut market – Humiome B2 — powered by patented Microbiome Targeted Technology (MTT). 

At the show, visitors will also have the opportunity to explore the company’s advanced dietary supplement solutions, life’sOMEGA and ampli-D, taste-test a novel food fortification format for medical nutrition developments and more.   


Harness the power of biotics

The human microbiome holds incredible potential for health – yet its full benefits remain largely untapped.

Federica Zanzottera, Marketing Manager EMEA Health from the Gut, comments: “We’re exploring the holistic health opportunities offered by a balanced gut ecosystem across all life stages to unlock new possibilities for supplement manufacturers globally. Our approach combines multi-ingredient solutions, scientific expertise and profound consumer insights, but we also continue to invest heavily in this field of research and development. Biotics, in particular, is one category we see having a significant impact on the future of the Health from the Gut arena.”

Demonstrating its understanding of how to harness the power of a balanced gut microbiome, dsm-firmenich will debut its first-of-a-kind ‘biotic’ vitamin at Vitafoods Europe 2024 – Humiome B2. 

Fueled by MTT, Humiome B2 transforms vitamin B2 delivery in the colon to directly nourish a healthy gut environment – a key pillar of the company’s ‘ecosystems’ approach to gut health. 

Dr Robert E. Steinert, Principal Scientist at dsm-firmenich and expert in the field, will be hosting an in-depth session on the science behind Humiome B2 with MTT at the Probiotics Theatre on Tuesday 14 May, 11.30-11.55 CET. 


Forging a resilient future with turn-key solutions 

Revealing how it is paving the way for a more resilient and sustainable future, dsm-firmenich will present Market-ready Solutions featuring its ampli-D and life’sOMEGA ingredients. 

ampli-D is an advanced calcifediol product supporting innovation in the immunity, mobility and healthy aging categories. 

Clinically proven to raise vitamin D status 2.5x faster than ordinary vitamin D, it unlocks the benefits of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ more rapidly. 

Meanwhile, life’sOMEGA stands as a effective solution for omega-3 intake. Derived from algae, it is 100% nature-based and twice as potent as fish oil; offering all of the health benefits of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in one single, pure and sustainable source. 


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Medical nutrition capabilities 

Finally, dsm-firmenich will highlight how it is leveraging the transformative potential of medical nutrition in elderly and patient care. 

This includes a sneak peek into its revolutionary medical nutrition format designed to fortify meals with essential proteins and micronutrients crucial for immune health and mobility. 

Unlike traditional oral supplements, it seamlessly integrates into daily meals without altering taste or aroma – catering to individual dietary preferences. Visitors can sample this format for themselves at Vitafoods.

Furthermore, the company will demonstrate how its portfolio of micronutrient and amino-acid premixes, coupled with customised flavours and taste enhancement solutions, is helping to address protein and micronutrient deficiencies in vulnerable groups while delivering an enriched nutritional experience.

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