Magnesium gummies: overcoming current formulation hurdles

Published: 22-Mar-2024

Magnesium is traditionally a challenging ingredient to incorporate into gummy formulations, but Gadot Biochemical have overcome this with three novel solutions

With their exotic flavour possibilities and appealing texture tempting consumers more than ever, gummies have exploded in popularity during the last decade. According to the 2022 Delivery Format Report from Nutrition Business Journal, gummy sales achieved superlative growth —achieving a record 74.8% in 2021.This is no different for the mineral sector, with ingredients such as zinc and calcium now being commonly included into formulations.

With this shift in the market, there have been many attempts to formulate gummies incorporating magnesium — with varying degrees of success. Creating pleasant and efficacious magnesium gummies has caused a significant headache for nutraceutical manufacturers as there are many issues regarding taste, texture and active ingredient degradation.

However, Gadot Biochemical Industries has successfully found a workaround for these problems, incorporating a trifecta of solutions that can help to improve the overall marketability of magnesium gummies. Annabel Kartal-Allen spoke to Ohad Cohen, CEO of Gadot Biochemical, to learn more.


The challenges of magnesium incorporation

When formulating nutraceuticals, some ingredients are more difficult than others to incorporate into formulations. Mr Cohen reflects on the issues that the industry faces when utilising magnesium: "Gummies offer a great alternative to traditional dosage forms, as they can deliver key nutrients and minerals in a highly accessible format ... although magnesium is difficult to work with in this context. Whereas magnesium exhibits desirable gelling properties, it gives the gummy a bitterness and an unappealing sandy texture.”

“In addition, magnesium compounds such as magnesium oxide are often poorly soluble,” adds Cohen. “Plus, these compounds may degrade during processing, reducing their bioavailability and effectiveness. Therefore, finding an efficient and palatable method of magnesium fortification in gummies has been a longstanding challenge for nutraceutical product developers.”

Our magnesium fortification solution maintains mineral stability and bioavailability throughout the gummy manufacturing process

A trifecta of solutions

With solutions being paramount to making magnesium gummies marketable, Gadot’s research and development team set about optimising a manufacturing method that could surpass the common issues experienced by formulators. From this, they created a three-pronged solution to facilitate magnesium incorporation.

The first initiative improved the dispersibility of the active ingredients: “Gadot’s fortification method ensures the superior dispersibility of magnesium compounds in the gummy matrix, allowing for higher bioavailability and efficacy in the body, and confirming that the desired health benefits of magnesium are maximised,” Cohen explains.

From there, Gadot wanted to improve the taste and texture of the formulation: “Our manufacturing technology results in improved taste and the elimination of the sandy and gritty texture that is associated with other magnesium sources.”

The final focus addressed both stability and bioavailability: “The magnesium fortification solution we’ve developed maintains the stability and bioavailability of the mineral throughout the gummy manufacturing process. This ensures that the final product retains its potency and delivers the desired health benefits to consumers.”


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Putting the “fun” in fundamental nutrition

Although traditional dosage forms such as pills and powder sachets remain popular in the supplement market, the fun that gummies add to taking supplements cannot be denied: “Gummies are a popular treat-like alternative to standard dosage forms, allowing consumers to obtain nutraceuticals such as minerals without having to complicate their lives with pills.”

Nutrition Business Journal’s January 2022 survey of US consumers found that gummies are a preferred format, ranking first when asked what their favourite dosage form was.1 “As gummies grow in demand, the opportunities to add magnesium are significant,” Cohen commented.

“Consumers commonly seek out products to support mood, sleep, energy and overall good health; they also know to turn to minerals such as magnesium for its benefits. With the implementation of our novel manufacturing strategy, the industry can move forward and make these products more appealing to a global audience.”



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