Arjuna unveils new botanical analgesic blend

Published: 19-Aug-2020

Proprietary SPEED technology delivers fast pain relief safely as demonstrated in new clinical study

Arjuna Natural pioneers a holistic approach to fast pain alleviation with its launch of Rhuleave-K, a proprietary botanical formula clinically supported to bestow safe pain relief at an efficacy and speed comparable with popular OTC drugs, such as acetaminophen (paracetamol).

Rhuleave-K is a high-dissolution liquid composition comprising turmeric (Curcuma longa) and frankincense (resinous extract of Boswellia serrata), combined in a black sesame oil base. The three botanicals are synergistically blended with a unique proprietary technology to provide fast relief of acute musculoskeletal pain.

“There are a number of herbal extracts and formulations in the market that target pain and inflammation, but they are slow-acting and typically provide relief over a period of weeks,” explains Benny Antony, PhD, Joint Managing Director for Arjuna. “We found very limited clinical data on efficacy of herbal products for acute pain relief which is what spurred the development of this unique formula.”

Curcumin is one of the most extensively studied natural compounds, especially for relieving pain and inflammation. It has demonstrated ability to exert a broad spectrum of biological activity for modulating inflammatory signalling pathways.

The analgesic activity of B. serrata extract also has been identified in several studies, particularly its positive effect on joint tenderness in cases of osteoarthritis. It, too, has exhibited abilities to raise the pain threshold in comparison with placebos. These two ingredients can work together to block various channels of pain, specifically COX-2 (cyclooxygenase) and LOX (lipoxygenase) receptors.

Arjuna’s key to fast action

The company applies a novel SPEED delivery technology that ensures the swift, uniform dispersal of the actives, thereby facilitating its fast-action mechanism.

Black sesame oil acts not only as an effective carrier, helping to disperse and dissolve fat-soluble compounds into the body, but in traditional Ayurvedic practice sesame oil is touted for its warming, penetrative, and anti-inflammatory properties. Recorded recognition of sesame as both a food and a medicine goes back thousands of years to ancient Assyrian times.

Clinically backed natural pain relief

Rhuleave K’s superior analgesic activity was demonstrated in a randomized, active, controlled, open-label study led by Girish Rudrappa, PhD, at the Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center in Bangalore, India and published in the journal Medicine, April 2020.

The study involved 88 healthy subjects with acute musculoskeletal pain. They were randomized to receive 1000mg per day of Rhuleave-K or 1000 mg of acetaminophen. Results revealed a positive response of pain relief (analgesia) comparable to acetaminophen, without risks of side effects or interactions with other medicines.

Onset of analgesia was experienced in about 1 hour following administration. Earliest pain relief could be seen as early as 2.4 hours comparable with the paracetamol.

Results of the study also showed significant reduction in pain, irrespective of intensity, on a similar level to acetaminophen. Rhuleave-K was equally effective as acetaminophen in reducing the sensory pain but was superior to the drug in reducing the emotional side effects of pain.

Moreover, Rhuleave-K’s curcumin component has demonstrated significant anti-inflammatory capacity. Toxicity studies show that Rhuleave-K is safe, even in doses 11 times the recommended daily dosage.

“Rhuleave-K is a breakthrough pain-support formula,” enthuses Antony. “It’s the first natural alternative to OTC meds that is able to provide meaningful relief in a short amount of time, and effectively targets most types of musculoskeletal pain, such as lower back pain , sprains, tendonitis, and joint pain. Its zero toxicity qualities means it can be safely used by nearly all consumers and all ages.”

The curcumin and sesame oil ingredients are sourced from partner farmers under a rigorous process that ensures purity and efficacy. Boswellia serrata is wild-crafted, sustainably providing employment and boosting livelihoods to many marginal communities in India. The liquid, fat-soluble formula can be readily integrated into soft gels, liquid capsules or syrups.

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