BASF Newtrition Omega-3 launches Accelon absorption accelerating technology

Published: 29-Nov-2017

Newtrition Omega-3 has launched Accelon, an Omega-3 absorption accelerating technology, with potential to be the biggest category innovation since the introduction of high concentrate Omega-3s in the late 1980s

The consumer challenge with Omega-3s

The global Dietary Supplement Omega-3 category has evolved significantly in recent years, with EPA/DHA Omega-3 ingredients alone worth USD $4 billion.1 However, Omega-3 deficiency remains a major health issue worldwide. In the USA approximately 60% of consumers are aware of the benefits associated with Omega-3 supplementation in their diets, yet usage is estimated at only 20%.2

Newtrition Omega-3 consumer research shows that the majority of people are confused about how and why Omega-3 supplementation can benefit their long term health and wellbeing.3 It highlighted a lack of consumer clarity around Omega-3 supplement strength and potency messages, plus practical issues such as when to take Omega-3 and if it should be taken with a meal. Consumers agree that other VMS platforms such as vitamin D or probiotics communicate simpler benefits and/or clearer efficacy indicators.

Providing stronger reasons to believe in the benefits and efficacy of Omega-3 supplementation was therefore identified as a top priority for influencing consumer category penetration.

The biological challenge with Omega-3s

On top of opportunities uncovered, the research also exposed a number of key biological challenges. These are likely to be unknown to consumers, therefore have high potential to form the basis of a strong, credible marketing narrative to influence future consumption.

The majority of consumers take Omega-3 supplements during their morning routine; however, many people regularly skip or delay breakfast, or don’t consume breakfast foods ideal for optimal absorption of Omega-3 into the body.4 This means existing Omega-3 supplements, no matter how strong or potent, tend to absorb less efficiently providing fewer benefits when consumed.

Accelon delivers a minimum 4X Omega-3 absorption

Accelon absorption accelerating technology is designed to enable more Omega-3 to get to where it’s needed in the body. On entering the stomach, Accelon causes Omega-3 to disperse rapidly in a micro-emulsion that passes into the intestine. Inside the intestinal lumen, the micro-droplets’ more accessible surface allows highly effective digestion and releases high amounts of EPA and DHA in free fatty acid form. Significantly more EPA and DHA can now diffuse and be absorbed through the mucosal cells layer and subsequently released into the body’s circulation.

Studies have shown that Accelon delivers a minimum of 4X better absorption of Omega-3 on an empty stomach in comparison to other market leading high concentrate Omega-3 products. Typically, people are advised to take Omega-3 supplements with food, so this requirement is no longer needed, making compliance easy and convenient. Even if taken with food, Accelon absorption is still more than 30% greater than with other Omega-3s.

The study results mean that Omega-3 uptake with Accelon absorption accelerating technology represents a significant, distinct and relevant breakthrough for the Omega-3 supplements category.

Accelon benefits validated by consumer research

Øyvind Ihle, Team Leader at Newtrition Omega-3 explains “Omega-3 efficacy is supported by more scientific research than any other VMS nutrient and yet there remains a global deficiency. We believe it is our responsibility to introduce consumers to Omega-3 in a way that genuinely works, leveraging the Accelon technology to help redefine the role and importance of Omega-3 in consumers’ lives.

“In research, consumers liked the idea of a turbo-charged, effectively absorbed ‘intelligent’ Omega-3 which reaches the body’s cells where it’s needed, without having to take it with food or at a specific time of day. In fact, new product concepts featuring the Accelon logo on pack clearly resonated with consumers as they scored 30% higher on purchase intent than those without.

“Accelon offers ambitious, forward-thinking brand owners a unique competitive edge with new and superior, consumer ready technology. Our test results show that consumers really understand the task Accelon has been designed for and looking forward, how a new generation of Accelon-enabled Omega-3 products could support their biggest health challenges. People need simple and credible reasons to believe that it’s worthwhile taking Omega-3 supplements regularly. This is what’s going to help brand owners build the category and we look forward to meeting them to discuss together how we can support their growth ambitions.”

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