B’utyQuin standardised black seed oil improves acne prone skin

Published: 29-Nov-2023

TriNutra investigates and compares its BSO to a non-standardised product an their impact on skin health

TriNutra® recently investigated and compared its full-spectrum, standardised, cold-pressed, and USP grade black seed oil, B’utyQuin™, to a non-standardised black seed oil (NS-BSO) and their impact on pathogens associated with acne and oily skin.

In a current studies summary, the company demonstrates the influence of B'utyQuin (standardised to 3% thymoquinone and less than 2% FFA) versus Non-Standardised Black Seed Oil (NS-BSO), containing less than 1% thymoquinone and high (+9%) FFAs, on multiple causes associated with acne occurrence, in particular overgrowth of microorganisms. The study evaluated each product’s effect on seven microorganisms predominantly associated with acne and oily skin, in particular, the Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) strain.

The results demonstrated that B’utyQuin had a significantly substantial impact on the microbial growth of the microorganisms than the non-standardized version of black seed oil. Specifically, P. acnes was completely absent in the diversity culture at the end of the incubation period, while the NS-BSO had no inhibitory effect. In fact, the growth of P. acnes was enhanced by 108% in the presence of the NS-BSO.

The observed strong inhibitory effect is likely attributed to B’utyQuin’s unique standardised composition of its primary constituent, 3% thymoquinone, with a low free fatty acid content. This composition affects sebum/fat production, a primary food source for these microorganisms. The research was just published in SOFW Journal 11-2023.

“We are thrilled with the strong results demonstrating that B’utyQuin is a superior product with effective skin healing properties and potent antimicrobial effects,” said Dr. Liki von Oppen-Bezalel, Business Development Director at TriNutra. “This study lends additional support to earlier analysis of B’utyQuin and its positive skin health properties as a topical and oral supplement.” B’utyQuin has been clinically shown to improve multiple characteristics of ageing skin, including hydration, elasticity, firmness, and luminosity, as well as provide soothing benefits for dry, itchy, and scaly skin and scalp. Additionally, because stress is often a contributing factor to acne outbreaks, thymoquinone, black seed oil’s main active constituent, has been shown to significantly impact stress via modulation of cortisol, the stress hormone, when consumed orally.

Cosmetic applications for B’utyQuin include but are not limited to creams, oils, lotions, and serums for the face, body, hair and scalp, oral care, and intimate care. To learn more about B’utyQuin, visit www.trinutra.com

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