Cambridge Commodities and Unette launch range of functional gels

Published: 25-Jan-2017

Nutritional ingredient supplier Cambridge Commodities is pleased to announce that through a new partnership with packaging company Unette Nutrition Limited, it has added functional gels to its range of finished products

James Stevens, Cambridge Commodities’ CEO said: “I am really excited about what this partnership with Unette offers. By looking at these single serving sachets as a delivery mechanism rather than just another energy gel widens the opportunity to create imaginative, convenient and exciting finished products."

"Aiming to hit the mega-trends of natural, kids, vegetable, ageing generation, endurance and convenience, Cambridge Commodities can create bespoke blends designed to change the look and feel of your whole brand make-up.”


Cambridge Commodities has used its ingredients to create convenient, high quality gels for busy, on-the-go consumers. Commodities can tailor formulations to create bespoke gels for

  • sports nutrition
  • health & well-being
  • beauty
  • cognitive support.

David Rimmer, Managing Director at Unette Nutrition Limited, said: “Unette is delighted to be partnering with the Cambridge Commodities team. From the start, it was clear that their passion for product and ingredient innovation is matched perfectly with our passion for producing the best consumer-friendly packaging format available. A truly winning combination that will provide some fantastic products for both brand holders and consumers.”

The company’s product development team has created three ready-to-go gels for weight management, health and well-being and cognitive support, including

Glucomannan gel: Glucomannan gel, which also includes green coffee extract is designed to help support weight management. The main ingredient, glucomannan is a low calorie water-soluble dietary fibre and when consumed, it promotes a feeling of fullness.

Multivitamin gel: Essential vitamins and minerals may be missing from the diet that are vital for everyday health and well-being. Using carefully selected ingredients, Cambridge Commodities has created a gel which provides 25% RI on-the-go.

Nootropic gel: Cambridge Commodities has combined B vitamins, botanical ingredients and a range of nootropic actives to provide optimum cognitive support in a gel. The ingredients in the nootropic gel have been researched for their use in improved short- and long-term memory, increased focus, concentration and mood enhancement.

To request a sample of the gel concepts or to discuss a bespoke formulation, please contact Cambridge Commodities.

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