Cambridge Commodities expands its plant-based protein range

Published: 27-Aug-2020

Cambridge Commodities has recently launched two new additions to its popular ProEarth range of plant-based proteins: ProEarth Fava Bean 88% Protein and ProEarth Chickpea 70% Protein

The global nutritional ingredients and products solutions provider has approved a wide range of plant-based proteins from various plant-based sources and their ProEarth plant-based proteins are clean label, often allergen free and easily digestible due to their fibre content.

The plant-based protein market has grown considerably in recent years. The number of people choosing to follow or incorporate more plant-based options into their diet is growing and according to Innova Market Insights, 57% of global consumers are actively seeking alternative protein sources.

This phenomenon led to a 92% growth in sales of plant protein products in 2019, and the global plant protein market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8% to reach an estimated value of $13.7 billion by 2021.

The new ProEarth Fava Bean and Chickpea standalone blends will provide manufacturers with an array of options suited to their own product lines and will also offer this new wave of plant-based consumers an increasing variety of ways to cultivate healthy levels of protein without compromising their purchasing behaviour.

As the market value of plant proteins continues to see consistent growth in the coming years, the specialists at Cambridge Commodities remain confident in the ability of their ingredients to grow alongside it.

Product innovation specialist at Cambridge Commodities, Zeke Stevens, notes: “As the demand for plant-based proteins continues to grow, not only in volume but also in diversity, Cambridge Commodities is committed to expanding its range of ProEarth products to meet any formulation, regulatory and format challenges — whatever they may be. Our range now boasts exceptional flavour, mouthfeel and, of course, sustainability at its core.”

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