CurQfen - The one & only 100% natural brain-bioavailable curcumin

Published: 27-May-2021

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Absorption and organ tissue delivery of any bioactive substance is critical for its effectiveness at the target site, especially for brain health. In the case of curcumin, a significant number of in vitro experiments have shown fascinating pharmacodynamics as a neuroprotective agent and anti-neurodegenerative agent.

It is safe and has been widely recommended in traditional systems of medicine for the treatment of brain disorders. But, the modern science finds difficulty to get curcuminoids in brain from the isolated curcumin molecules. So, the biggest challenge in translating curcuminoids therapeutic ability to the clinic lies in innovative "formulations" capable of providing the bioactive form of curcuminoids to brain tissues at significant concentrations. Native form of curcumin (free form) is blood-brain-barrier (BBB) permeable. But, once it has undergone biotransformation or metabolized into glucuronides and sulfates (conjugated metabolites), it cannot enter the brain, since the conjugated metabolites are bulky water soluble molecules with no BBB-permeability, rather undergo fast renal clearance.

Here comes the Disruptive Innovation of FENUMATTM technology, to formulate lipophilic phytonutrients into more soluble, stable and hence bioavailable form employing Natural & Functional Biopolymers like soluble dietary fiber having prebiotic potential. R&D of Akay could engineer physicochemical properties suitable to act as a drug delivery matrix. To learn How? Contact us.

For functional benefits, Curcumin formulations should deliver significantly high levels of 'free' curcuminoids. For brain health, formulations capable of providing substantially high levels of 'free' curcuminoids are needed, because curcumin is BBB-permeable. FENUMATTM achieved this and delivering curcumin in the cellular level. To learn How? Contact us.

CurQfen® is getting increased attention. Because, CurQfen® talks the science, not the numbers! To learn How? Contact us.


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