DSM chooses Wellmetrix diagnostic platform for personalised nutrition


The partnership will assess Wellmetrix's diagnostic platform that determines urinary health biomarker assays to measure markers of oxidative stress and inflammation to infer health

Image as seen on Wellmetrix website

Personal health testing developer Wellmetrix and Royal DSM have announced a research partnership to explore the use of Wellmetrix's diagnostic platform to perform non-invasive and point-of-need measurements of key health biomarkers as part of a nutrition intervention using combinations of DSM's nutritional solutions.

In the pursuit of new, non-invasive technologies that support personalised nutrition with the analysis of health data in real-time, the collaborative study will evaluate the patented Wellmetrix Wellness Panel for tracking improvements in personal health and wellness following consumption of DSM's nutritional ingredients.

Image from Wellmetrix website.
To use the platform extend the wick and collect a few drops of urine

The Wellness Panel is a novel array of urinary biomarker assays that measures markers of oxidative stress and inflammation, important indicators of the state of an individual's health and wellness. The initial study will compare the results of the Wellmetrix Wellness Panel to established clinical chemistry blood and urine tests measuring the same biomarkers.

Wellmetrix is finalising the development of a non-invasive and at-home multiplex test that pairs with any smartphone to execute sophisticated analytics and track the impact of diet, exercise, sleep, supplementation, hydration or other inputs to deliver a comprehensive, highly individualised picture of personal health and wellness. This development is in alignment with DSM's goal of demonstrating the impact different product combinations have on the measurement of biomarkers in urine.

Casey Fowler, VP of Operations and Product Development at Wellmetrix, said: "As a non-invasive test that can be easily carried out at home, Wellmetrix's Wellness Panel represents a breakthrough in personalised health tracking. Our collaboration with DSM has the potential to offer consumers unprecedented insights into their health and wellness, empowering them to make dramatic improvements through supplementation and simple changes in their diet and lifestyle."

Image from cWellmetrix website
After three minutes the app linked to the tester displays
the results for 6 biomarkers, including one of a user’s choice

"We're excited to be working with DSM as a global leader in nutrition science and look forward to leveraging the results of our collaboration to deliver sophistication and insight beyond the health or activity trackers currently available to consumers," Fowler added.

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Dr James Bauly, Global Head Personalized Nutrition at DSM, added: "Evaluation of new personalised wellness technologies, such as the non-invasive Wellmetrix test, will provide the insights necessary to offer custom solutions and new product concepts in the future."