Domino raises GMP awareness

Published: 21-Oct-2016

EuPIA membership allows Domino to advise customers on compliance and best practice

EuPIA (European Printing Inks Association) is a leading authority in the inks sector and a division of CEPE, the European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists’ Colours Industry.

Founded in 2003, the association represents the economic interests of more than 80 European manufacturers of printing inks and coatings in their dealings with political bodies, European and national authorities, scientific institutions, the media and other sectors of the economy.

As of 1 March 2016, EuPIA members are expected to comply with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements introduced by the Association.

Covering key areas such as ink composition, supply chain and manufacturing quality systems as well as selling and application design process, GMP is viewed as a management responsibility. The GMP’s key objective is to assist in controlling food safety hazards in the design and manufacture of inks for Food Contact Materials (food packaging and other articles intended for food contact).

As a member of EuPIA and a supplier of inks to the food industry, Domino Printing Sciences is fully committed to achieving Good Manufacturing Practices, ensuring standards are maintained and that all of its products follow the guidelines established by the association.

EuPIA membership allows Domino to play an influential role in shaping European regulations and, more importantly, to advise its customers on compliance.

It is part of Domino’s ethos not only to deliver high quality products and services, but also provide guidance on matters that its customers may need support with, such as chemical migration and the suitability of inks in different food applications (direct and non-direct food contact).

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