Enzyme blend ProHydrolase potentiates amino acid uptake

Published: 18-Jun-2020

A newly published study adds to the portfolio of research demonstrating that ProHydolase, a proprietary protease enzyme blend from Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, enhances the benefit of whey protein when taken together

Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes has announced the publication of a clinical study demonstrating the effects of ProHydrolase added to whey protein on post-resistance exercise aminoacidaemia (very high uptake of amino acids in the blood).

To be effective, whey (and other) protein must be cleaved into smaller particle sizes within approximately 90 minutes after ingestion, from the time it arrives at the small intestine, the location where it is digested and absorbed.

After absorption, the amino acids are utilised by the muscles for building and repair.

This study underscores the need to support the body’s ability to break down the peptides in whey protein into smaller particle sizes for improved digestion and absorption. This is especially beneficial for athletes, trainers or other fitness enthusiasts who consume whey protein powders daily for muscle gain and strength.

The study, “The Effect of ProHydrolase on the Amino Acid and Intramuscular Anabolic Signaling Response to Resistance Exercise in Trained Males,” published in Sports, is a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving resistance-trained males.

Participants completed four sets of 8–10 repetitions on the leg press and leg extension exercises, after which they consumed either 26 g of whey protein alone, 26 g of whey protein plus 250 mg of ProHydrolase or a placebo.

Results showed that compared to immediately after consumption (0 minutes), those in the ProHydrolase + whey group demonstrated significantly elevated plasma leucine levels (33% increase) at 30 minutes.

These data corroborate previous research on ProHydrolase and amino acid concentrations where levels of leucine in the blood increased by 5% after 4 hours.

Leucine availability has widespread relevance to supporting long-term human health. Leucine is the branch-chain amino acids (BCAA) which is the trigger for muscle synthesis that supports growth and repair of skeletal muscle, skin, and bones. It also supports regulation of blood-sugar levels and is a potentiator to Human Growth Hormone.

Additionally, the new study also showed that at 30 minutes post-consumption the ProHydrolase + whey group experienced a significant increase in BCAA plasma levels compared with those in the whey protein alone group — a difference of 33% for leucine, 32% for all BCAAs and 29% for essential amino acids. These remained elevated at 180 minutes post-ingestion.

“ProHydrolase is like protein powder’s perfect partner,” said Dr John Deaton, Vice President of Science and Technology at Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes.

“The enzyme blend potentiates the powder’s ability to protect and improve muscle structure, especially after vigorous workouts. Without ProHydolase, whey or other protein powders may not be optimally used by the body.”

This study supports earlier clinical research showing that a dose of 10 mg of ProHydrolase per gram of whey protein isolate increased total amino acids in the blood (by 20%), as well as in vitro data showing that after 90 minutes, ProHydrolase increases the bioavailability of whey protein amino acids.

Deaton concluded: “More people are becoming active and using protein powders, whey or plant-based, in the singular attempt to feed their muscles. ProHydrolase is, without a doubt, a potent and perfect protein partner.”

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