Epi Ingredients’ new strategy focuses on the Asian market

Published: 15-Mar-2016

Exhibiting at Food Ingredient China (FIC) is an essential part of the company’s strategy to strengthen its leading position in the global dairy ingredients market, which relies in part on capturing this emerging market

At Food Ingredient China (FIC), Epi Ingredients – the dry ingredients division of dairy co-operative Laïta and dairy ingredients expert – will showcase its unique offering of fermented powders as well as its specialty infant nutrition solutions.

'Epi Ingredients’ mission is to enhance the value of the raw milk gathered from our farms, and both these ranges are instrumental to the success of this value-creation strategy,' explains Mathieu Lucot, Marketing Manager.

'Thanks to years of expertise in milk processing combined with a unique know-how and a perfectly mastered manufacturing process, Epi Ingredient is able to offer high quality ingredients with exclusive properties that are easy to implement in a variety of matrices,' he adds.

EPILAC ingredients are a range of premium fermented powders – yoghurt powder, quark powder and fermented milk powder – with differentiating features such as, among others, the presence of live cultures in some of them. For example, EPILAC’s LOWFAT YOGURT POWDER 48 offers the possibility of calling the end-product ‘yoghurt' to comply with French regulations.

With a strong yet pleasant dairy flavour, these all-natural powders are a true asset when developing innovative indulgent food and beverages. They are designed to enhance both taste and texture in numerous applications such as ice cream, frozen yoghurt as well as fillings and icings for bakery products, segments in which the ‘yoghurt-like’ taste is very trendy.

Beyond these exclusive functional and sensory attributes, EPILAC fermented powders could also impart health benefits as they contain the same live bacteria (Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus) as the ones found in yoghurt. These are known to help balance the gut flora as well as strengthen the immune system, which makes EPILAC powders an interesting option to formulate nutritional products.

With infant nutrition currently being one of the fastest growing segments in Asia, FIC visitors will also be able to learn more about Epi Ingredients' portfolio in this field: from bulk ingredients to finished products packaged for retail and ready-to-market under the customer’s own brand. Beyond demineralised powders that are perfectly adapted to be incorporated into infant formulas, the company will present their new Stage 1 to Stage 3 baby formulas (standard and premium).

'Consumers in emerging markets such as China, India, etc. are willing to pay more for quality products, and ingredients imported from Europe are perceived to be of higher quality than local offerings. This unlocks tremendous potential for Epi Ingredients whose products are exclusively French-made,' explains Mathieu Lucot.

Both ranges illustrate Epi Ingredients’ ability to tailor its solutions to the specific needs of each customer thanks to a culture of excellence and a commitment to maintain full control from raw materials to manufacturing process as well as marketing and regulatory concerns associated with the end-product. For more information on EPILAC fermented powders, the infant nutrition portfolio or the other ingredients offered by the company, stop by Epi ingredients’ booth, #51U06 in Shanghai (23-25 March).

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