GCI has developed the first plusbiotic ingredient to be introduced into the nutraceutical market


Company offers specialised nutrients that help to rebuild the intestinal mucosa

Everyone is aware of the probiotic Market, which is focused on providing billions of friendly bacteria to support intestinal health.

In addition to the probiotic market, which covers everything from Acidophilus to Bacillus, to supply the nutrients that support these friendly bacteria, a second category called prebiotics has developed, including inulin and FOS.

There is an entirely new category of intestinal support ingredients that has been overlooked ... and that is called plusbiotics. These ingredients are specialised nutrients that help to rebuild the intestinal mucosa.

Intestinal problems begin with the foods that we eat and the medicines that we ingest, starting from when we are very young. In today's diet, most of the foods that we consume are made using genetically modified crops (GMO) and with agricultural practices using toxic chemicals (non-organic).

Thus, the end products contain many harmful chemical residues such as glyphosate that play a critical role in the way our digestive system reacts (enzymes feeding harmful bacteria). The impact is an imbalanced microflora.

Damaged intestinal mucosa aren't capable of absorbing the nutrients that the human body needs for good health.

Recent dietary trends introduce beneficial probiotic bacteria into our human diet and, lately, prebiotic dietary fibres were introduced to help feed this beneficial bacteria. Although these probiotic and prebiotic products are helpful, they don't tackle the main problem. An unhealthy intestinal mucosa system can't function properly!

GCI's scientific team has developed a line of plusbiotic ingredients that support the regrowth of the intestines.

The first of these ingredients is protected under the PrebioSure Brand — the only clinically proven ingredient to greatly enrich the epithelium enterocytes of the small intestinal mucosa and enable the reconstruction of healthy uniform villi, which are responsible for the optimal absorption of macro-, micro- and trace elements.

PrebioSure is based on several years of research and the development of a proprietary enzymatic extraction of biologically active compounds such as benzoquinone from non-GMO and organic food grade wheat germ. Its synergistic and symbiotic effect combats harmful bacteria and nourishes beneficial bacteria, aiding in many metabolic processes and preventing the unwanted side-effects — such as flatulence, bloating and diarrhoea — caused by inulin, IMO, FOS, GOS and XOS.

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GCI Nutrients will be at booth 4317 at SupplySide West in Las Vegas. We welcome all individuals wanting to learn about this third intestinal ingredient category — probiotics, prebiotics ... and now plusbiotics.