GREENTECH launches anti-pollution active

GREENTECH, a pioneer in plant biotechnology, will launch an active that effectively fights against the biological damage caused by pollution and provides long-lasting protection for the skin at in-cosmetics

A major concern today, with one in two people exposed to heavy metals, fine particles, hydrocarbons and ozone on a daily basis, is urban population.

Despite being armed with natural defence mechanisms, the skin becomes depleted and is unable to mobilise them. Irritated and suffocated, skin loses its natural glow.

GREENTECH has developed a new biological ingredient that activates the skin's endogenous defence mechanisms and the detoxification pathways.

It fights both free radical and inflammatory stresses triggered by repeated pollution attacks in all its forms.

At the heart of its effectiveness is a triple action: the stimulation of cellular anti-free radical and detoxification pathways, as well as strengthening the skin's barrier role.