Glanbia Nutritionals launches complete solutions suite of ingredients at FiE 2015


The new suite will be demonstrated at the show through Glanbia’s latest ingredient introductions and new uses of existing ingredients

Glanbia Nutritionals (stand 6F45) is introducing its wider set of capabilities available to food, beverage and supplement companies at FiE 2015, in the form of the Complete Solutions Suite.

This portfolio is built around four distinct offerings: Nutritional Ingredient Solutions, Functional Ingredient Solutions, Product Development Solutions and Finished Product Solutions.

The new Complete Solutions Suite will be demonstrated at the show through Glanbia’s latest ingredient introductions and new uses of existing ingredients. These will feature in creative prototypes that tap into current trends, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing consumer-relevant solutions to the marketplace.

Two new nutritional and functional ingredients will be launched at FiE, including MenaQ7 PURE Vitamin K2 (MK7), a nature-identical synthetic vitamin K2 produced by worldwide vitamin K2 developer NattoPharma, and GanedenBC30, a probiotic from Ganeden Biotech able to survive harsh manufacturing processes.

Glanbia will also present OatPure gluten-free oats, guaranteed at fewer than 10 parts per million (ppm) gluten, and Bioferrin lactoferrin milk protein that acts as an iron activator.

MenaQ7 PURE is the optimal solution to utilise calcium in the body. It activates osteocalcin, which helps to bind calcium to the bone matrix, leading to increased bone mineral content. Consequently, bones become stronger and less susceptible to fracture.

GanedenBC30 is extremely shelf-stable, requires no refrigeration and can be baked, boiled or frozen while retaining viability, allowing consumers to experience its benefits in a variety of applications, such as baked goods, bars, smoothies and protein drinks.

With regard to Glanbia’s gluten-free offering, OatPure oats are cultivated under the tight control of the company’s NSF certified OatSecure closed loop supply chain to offer fewer than 10ppm gluten. This exceeds industry standards that stipulate 20ppm of gluten to be certified gluten-free. Plus, OatPure oats offer naturally slow release carbohydrates and fibre for sustained energy.

Bioferrin lactoferrin’s impact on iron utilisation makes it particularly suited to the sports and wellness sector. The ingredient is also linked with improving digestive health and its novel food status opens up additional interesting opportunities for Bioferrin.

Within the Complete Solutions Suite of ingredients and premixes, Glanbia’s Nutritional and Functional Ingredient Solutions highlight its science-driven capabilities in gluten free, dairy and vegan applications, advanced whey peptides, next generation grain technologies and proprietary speciality micronutrients.

The company’s functionally optimised ingredients are developed for fortification in a broad range of application-specific formulations across a range of industries, including gluten-free, health and wellness, performance nutrition, infant nutrition, and functional food and beverages.

The Product Development offering of the Complete Solutions Suite enables Glanbia Nutritionals to work closely with its customers to help formulate successful new products such as bars and beverages, as well as help them integrate Glanbia’s ingredients into existing product formulations.

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With regard to Finished Product Solutions, Glanbia has developed extensive global internal blending, processing and packaging capabilities as well as co-packing relationships to help customers bring their concepts to life in finished products.