Going beyond basic nutrition with Epi Ingredients’ wide range of high-quality dairy ingredients

Published: 24-Nov-2016

The company is building on milk’s nutritional density and versatility to provide healthy and natural ingredients that go beyond basic nutrition without compromising on the taste or texture of finished products

With more than 80% of the current population consuming milk and milk products, Epi Ingredients – the dry ingredients division of dairy cooperative Laïta and dairy ingredients expert – is committed to providing the best natural and nutritious value-added dairy products to meet the nutritional needs of targeted demographics.

“Thanks to our expertise in dairy processing, proven experience in health and nutrition markets and a total control over the entire supply chain, we are continuously working to meet consumers’ ever-increasing quality requirements and to develop solutions tailored to the specific requests of each of our customers,” explains Mathieu Lucot, Marketing manager at Epi Ingredients.

At Health ingredients Europe 2016, Epi Ingredients is aiming to strengthen its leading position in the global dairy ingredients market by increasing visitors’ awareness of the high quality and exclusive functional properties of its ingredients, as well as reiterating its commitment to quality management and sustainability with the implementation of new corporate initiative: "Passion du Lait" (Passion for Milk).

One of the highlights of the show will be EPILAC Powders, the company’s unique range of all-natural premium fermented powders - yoghurt powder, quark powder and fermented milk powder.

Offering a strong yet pleasant dairy flavour, they are a true asset to developing innovative indulgent food and beverages. They are indeed designed to enhance both taste and texture in numerous applications such as ice cream, frozen yoghurt as well as fillings and icings for bakery products.

Beyond these functional and organoleptic attributes, some of these powders also feature the same live bacteria (Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus) as the ones found in yoghurt. These are known to help balance the gut flora as well as strengthen the immune system, which makes EPILAC powders an interesting option to formulate nutritional products.

In an effort to provide solutions to the rapidly evolving sports nutrition market which is shifting from niche to mainstream, Epi Ingredients will also be promoting its range of caseinates at the upcoming show.

Thanks to their neutral flavour, the company’s caseinates allow the formulation of protein-enriched products that meet consumers’ high expectations regarding taste, which remains one of the main factors influencing purchasing decisions.

Committed to highlighting the superior quality of its products and to showcase the distinctive features of this range, Epi Ingredients will offer samples of a high-protein chocolate drink featuring its caseinates for visitors to enjoy.

With the construction of a dedicated state-of-the-art drying tower expected to be fully operational by the end of 2017, Epi Ingredients will also be presenting its infant and children nutrition portfolio at the show. The company is marketing both liquid and powdered solutions, ranging from bulk ingredients to finished products packaged for retail and ready-to-market.

Beyond demineralised whey powders perfectly adapted to be incorporated into infant formulas, the company will turn the spotlight on their new Stage 1 to Stage 3 baby formulas (standard and premium). “Our goal is to help future customers who wish to launch their own brand of infant nutrition products significantly reduce their time-to-market,” explains Mathieu Lucot.

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