Highlights of Resveratrol2016 in Taipei, Taiwan

Published: 31-Jan-2017

Resveratrol2016 conference gathered some 100 participants from both industry and academia to share the latest development in resveratrol research

This was the 4th international conference on resveratrol and health and it was hosted by Taipei Medical University in Taiwan.

The speakers and posters selected by the scientific committee gave a valuable update into the latest research focusing on resveratrol and its derivatives.

Findings and recommendations by the scientific committee will be presented later; here’s a quick review of some of the results.

The 4th International Conference of Resveratrol and Health presented a significant amount of first-hand data from new research groups, together with some well-known names.

According to Dr Karen Brown (University of Leicester, UK) high doses of resveratrol are not necessary to elicit the positive effects in colonic biomarkers.

Dr Baur (University of Pennsylvania, USA) described an interesting effect of resveratrol on haemorrharic and septic shock models while, according to Dr Howe (University of Newcastle, Australia), the neuroprotective effect of resveratrol is promising.

Some of the new profiles from academia were Dr Nagarkatti from the University of South Carolina presenting data on resveratrol and its role in bacterial shift.

The positive effect of resveratrol on periodontitis has been further documented at the Resveratrol2016 conference this time by Dr Ikeda from University of Toronto, Canada.

Dr Figueroa from Chile presented new findings on the possible effect of resveratrol on psoriasis. These six highlights are selected to give an impression of the findings exchanged at Resveratrol2016.

The biannual resveratrol conference, now organised for the 4th time, has become the global meeting venue for the academia and industry focusing on resveratrol.

It’s the preferred place for new scientific evidence to be presented and an opportunity to initiate new projects.

Resveratrol2016 was well supported by leading industry partners working with resveratrol: DSM, Evolva, MegaResveratrol and Shaklee just to mention a few.

Professor Hung-Yun Lin from Taipei Medical University and his team were the most professional and cordial organisers of Resveratrol2016, creating a wonderful environment for all the participants.

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