Immune-boosting infant formula with Wellmune launches in South Korea


Imperial Dream XO supports health and wellbeing in infants aged 6–12 months

One of the key ingredients in Imperial Dream XO is Wellmune from Biothera

One of the key ingredients in Imperial Dream XO is Wellmune from Biothera

Biothera's Wellmune is a key ingredient in a new infant formula created by one of the largest dairy producers in South Korea, Nam Yang Dairy Products. Imperial Dream XO (Step 3) was developed to support health and wellbeing in infants aged 6-12 months.

Strengthening the immune system is beneficial for all age groups, but especially for young children whose immune systems are still developing.

Numerous clinical studies – including one recently published in Pediatrics – demonstrate the ability of Wellmune to activate innate immune cells that help keep the body healthy. The study with Wellmune, a beta glucan that acts as an immune super fibre, found that toddlers consuming a formula containing Wellmune had fewer episodes and shorter duration of acute respiratory infections than children consuming an unfortified cow’s milk-based beverage.

'We created Imperial Dream XO formula for parents who want to feed their babies a formula that would specifically help support the development of a healthy immune system,' said a senior spokesperson for the company. 'We selected Wellmune because it is 100% natural, supported by strong science, and delivers real immune health benefits.'

Wellmune is available in products in more than 60 countries on nearly every continent. In Korea, Wellmune has earned a Certificate of Functional Ingredient for Health/Functional Food from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, signalling that the ingredient has met all standards for safety and efficacy.

'There is a limited number of ingredients approved for immunity by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and we are proud that Wellmune has been added to this exclusive list,' said Richard Mueller, CEO of Biothera.

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Imperial Dream XO (Step 3) is sold in South Korea in grocery and specialist shops stores as well as online. The recommended daily consumption for children is 4–5 times a day.