Indena releases fourth episode of Phytocast podcast


Indena has launched the fourth Phytocast in it's journey through time: “The War”

In our journey through time, we’ve arrived at the fourth PHYTOCAST: “The War”.

Time turns back to the 1940s. Inverni Della Beffa’s botanical production continues even under bombings and resumes with great enthusiasm once the war ends. A new factory on via Ripamonti is built: here, alongside plant extracts, the company starts also making isolated active ingredients, laying the foundations for its international expansion.

We chose Valerian to celebrate this decade. This plant’s original properties were rediscovered in the twentieth century, and Inverni Della Beffa – thanks to his meticulous studies – proved a remarkable fact: Valerian’s sedative effect is not caused by a single active ingredient, but rather by the synergistic action of several components.

Enjoy the podcast and please feel free to forward it to your contacts all over the world.

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