Indena releases ninth episode of Phytocast

Published: 1-Nov-2021

The previous episode covered the technological innovations of the 1980s

They say time flies, and indeed our journey through the decades has already arrived at the ninth episode of PHYTOCAST: “Research”, dedicated to the 1990s.

This is the decade that built the foundations of globalisation: Indena was already an international-thinking company and continued to expand its botanical research by acquiring new extraction plants abroad, and by collaborating more and more with specialised academic centres.

This constant focus towards research led Indena to enter the oncological market – establishing a real presence in a sector that had not been part of its tradition and was new to the company.

The iconic plant for these years is the Yew, without a doubt. Renown for its anticancer properties, the plant was destroyed to extract the active principle from its bark.

Thus, Indena’s researchers take action and gain brilliant insight on how to make the whole process sustainable. The company soon becomes the sole supplier for Paclitaxel, a pillar of pharmacological oncologic treatment.

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