Lycored takes ‘Letters of Love’ tour to GoPro Mountain Games

Published: 19-Jun-2017

Lycored is encouraging consumers to discover the adventurer within

Lycored, an international wellness company at the forefront of the ingestible skincare market, made the next stop on its ‘Letters of Love’ tour at the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado on Thursday, June 8th - Sunday, June 11th.

Lycored was a Silver Level Partner and the Official Skin Health Partner of the GoPro Mountain Games, the second stop on its Letters of Love tour. To help Lycored give their #rethinkbeautiful campaign extra mileage, it will continue to make appearances at various events across the U.S. throughout 2017.

During the weekend, Lycored held letter writing stations at various locations on the event grounds where both athletes and attendees were encouraged to join the movement by writing personal ‘love letters,’ or positive affirmations to themselves on nature-themed postcards; thereby echoing the message of beauty from within and self-love that originated with the highly successful #rethinkbeautiful campaign. The letters will then be sent back to the writer when they least expect it, to reiterate the feelings they were thinking at the time.

The GoPro Mountain Games are known as a celebration of adventure, specifically the adventure that comes with training and taking part in the outdoor games and competition throughout the weekend. While each athlete, and attendee, may interpret the meaning of adventure differently, the happiness that one feels through seeking adventure is universal, and helps us shine and feel beautiful from the inside out. Lycored is encouraging consumers to take the scenic route, in all aspects of life, and to enjoy the ride.

As an extension of Lycored’s #rethinkbeautiful campaign, the goal of the Letters of Love tour is to inspire consumers to love themselves the way they love others, and to show them that beauty can be found everywhere they look - even within themselves.

“Adventure heals the mind, body and soul and when we accomplish our goals, our happiness and beauty shine from the inside out,” said Zev Ziegler, Vice President of Brand & Marketing at Lycored. “We believe that finding ourselves, and the path to becoming the best version of ourselves, is life’s greatest adventure; By bringing our ‘Letters of Love’ station to the GoPro Mountain Games, we aimed to help people discover the adventurer within themselves.”

The overall purpose of the #rethinkbeautiful campaign is to disrupt the typical beauty industry messaging by spreading the idea that beauty comes from within and, as a result, create an emotional connection to ingestible skincare as well as a larger demand for it in the U.S., specifically raising awareness for their clinically-backed cosmeceutical, Lycoderm, a Lycored Nutrient Complex Formulation for Skin.

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