Microencapsulation technology offers new potential for creatine in liquid formats

Published: 20-Jun-2018

Unique microencapsulation technology developed by AnaBio and distributed in Europe by Prinova will create new potential for the inclusion of creatine in liquid delivery formats such as gels, gummies and sports drinks

Creatine monohydrate has long-established benefits for sports performance because it has been shown to increase power, strength and muscular endurance.

There is also growing evidence that it can offset the loss of lean tissue mass in elderly people and trauma patients.

However, it is highly unstable in water, reducing its effectiveness in ready-to-drink products.

AnaBio Technologies has solved this problem with a unique microencapsulation technique that protects against breakdown in water.

Active TR creatine monohydrate is only released on ingestion, opening up potential for use in snacks, gummies, gels, carbonated energy drinks and protein beverages.

Tony Gay, Head of New Product Development at Prinova, said: “The instability of creatine in fluids has long been a challenge for the sports supplement and nutrition industries."

"We’re enormously excited to present a solution that opens up major possibilities for new products. The most obvious applications are sports nutrition drinks but we foresee opportunities for creatine to feature in a wide range of dietary supplements, functional beverages and health products.”

Active TR creatine monohydrate is more stable against moisture and liquids than any other form of Creatine Monohydrate, offering optimum shelf-life as well as bioavailability.

In a recent clinical study of human subjects, AnaBio found that it was stable against moisture and water-based products and stomach acid, and that its flavour and texture were preferred to that of a “non-encapsulated” generic creatine.

There were also significantly elevated levels of intramuscular creatine and gains in lean body mass in the volunteers who supplemented with Active TR creatine monohydrate, indicating effective delivery to the muscles.

The microencapsulated creatine monohydrate is part of AnaBio’s Active TR range, which is distributed by Prinova. Other products include Active TR L-leucine, Active TR caffeine and Active TR beta-alanine.

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