NattoPharma Launches MenaQ7 Natto MK-7

Published: 3-May-2017

The Norwegian company is the only comprehensive supplier of soy, soy-free and nature-identical synthetic Vitamin K2

Norwegian K2 research and development company, NattoPharma, is expanding its MenaQ7 line with the introduction of MenaQ7 Natto – Vitamin K2 as MK-7 derived by Bacillus subtilis fermentation and soy protein.

MenaQ7 Natto provides all-trans isomers of K2 in a range of concentrations, including and up to 96% active MK-7, or 960,000 ppm concentration.

“There has been a renewed interest in Vitamin K2 based on the publication of our breakthrough three-year cardiovascular trial and ongoing clinical studies with patients,” said CEO Dan Rosenbaum.

MenaQ7 Natto is the result of Bacillus subtilis fermentation with a soy protein substrate providing MK-7 and a small amount of MK-6.

Importantly, fermentation provides only active trans isomers of the menaquinones, the active form of K2. Other products contain inactive CIS isomers, which can be considered contaminants.

“Research has shown the most important factor for human health is improved Vitamin K2 status, contributing to unparalleled bone and cardiovascular support,” said Chief Medical Officer Hogne Vik.

“Populations like those in Japan, the Netherlands and France obtain a great deal of Vitamin K2 from their diets but that is hard to achieve for most Western populations. This makes supplementation a viable alternative.”

“NattoPharma was founded on soy-based material. Then there was a growing concern regarding soy as an allergen,” said Vik.

“But now, NattoPharma has received overwhelming interest from companies looking to offer a soy Vitamin K2 as MK-7. Our response is a new variety on par with the same soy material we introduced to the market in 2004.”

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